10:30am February 20, 2017 - Quebec, Canada
UPDATE: 9:22am February 27, 2017 (Over the week-end, 50016 did its First Flight. 50015 did its Acceptance Flight, would another one be required?)

Here's some information regarding how it's going with CSeries and the new Global 7000 development.

As for the CSeries production and certification… yes, some things are left to be further certified, and always will be, depending of some special modifications (CSeries business Jet (CBJ) version, Government and Military specific use versions, etc.) (What is a STC? Here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supplemental_type_ce...)

Let's talk Global 7000 first! See this

picture? This is FTV2, the 2nd Global 7000 being completed. It should do its First Flight this week, around February 24, from Toronto Downsview Airport where all Bombardier Global aircraft are assembled. Some days later it will team up with FTV1 in Wichita where is located the Bombardier Flight Test Centre team (BFTC).

Expect a lighter version of the currently design wing in use with the Global 7000 FTVs to be made available from the guys building it in the USA, Vought Aircraft, part of the Triumph Group. Should we expect an increase on the expected Maximum Payload possible with the new Global 7000? Or… Further Range?? (where a Global 8000 with extended range might not be necessary for a while??) A more flexible wing… Interesting, one way or the other…

As for the CSeries… It seems that Bombardier took some time at the beginning of 2017 to get things organised, helping rationalize its assembly line. As for production, here's some info that should show that there've been activities lately…

First: What-When… Delivery sequence is for 2 CS100 followed by a CS300, back to CS100 as for the next 4 to be delivered. Meaning…

  • SWISS 6th CSeries 50015 CS100 is ready to go, tomorrow Feb 21 is client acceptance flight.
  • SWISS 7th CSeries 50016 CS100 will be doing its First Flight (pre-delivery) by Wednesday Feb 22.
  • airBaltic 3rd CSeries 55005 CS300 is now out of the paint shop, engines installed! ;-)
  • SWISS 8th CSeries 50017 CS100 entering the pain shop today…

Yes, things are accelerating from now on with the CSeries delivery… While being true that Korean Air will be taking its first CSeries later this year, a CS300, the first airline to take a CS300 after airBaltic will be SWISS. SWISS first CS300 is to be 55010 and first KAL CS300 to be 55017, 6 CS300 after SWISS first. Remember the CS100 and CS300 both have its own MSN sequence number… Starting with 50 are the CS100, and with 55 the CS300.

CSeries steep approach certification is going very well. That will allow airlines like SWISS to land at airports such as London City. CSeries FTV2 50002 (long time no see for me) should be showing the world its steep approach capabilities when it comes for multiple landings at London City airport starting around March 20

To the staff at Bombardier… Keep it up… it is working!

Sylvain Faust,
A fan of what my people in Canada makes... fan of what my close friend neighbor makes in the USA, fan of what is made around the world related to aviations and technologies...

Picture: credit photographer Frederick K. Larkin