9: 00am - August 18, 2016, Quebec, Canada
UPDATED 2:00PM August 21, 2016

CSeries Autoland CAT III and more…

CSeries has successfully accomplished its few first few CAT III Automatic Landing tests within some millimeters of its target (1mm = 0.0393701 inch). Looking real good for CSeries complete "Autoland Certification" real soon! Watch the activities with CSeries FTV3 (MSN 50003), usually under flight BBA503.

SWISS 3rd (yes, 3rd already) CSeries (MSN 50012) is scheduled for delivery around September 26. With the vacations now completed at Bombardier Montreal, production is going forward faster and faster, more employees are to be added as well very soon.

The first CS300 (MSN 55003) to be delivered & enter service with its first customer, airBaltic, is progressing as planned! Scheduled to be delivered between 50013 and 50014, 55003 is already under functional test procedures like its smaller brother 50013.

Bombardier has set the goal for 13 CSeries Deliveries in 2016 (this number has been revised). All from msn 50010 (CS100) and 55003 (CS300) and up! (no FTV etc).

SWISS has added to its service flights their 2nd CSeries CS100, (MSN 50011) registered as HB-JBB (first is HB-JBA, MSN 50010). Customer is happy! Their flying clients too!

Some GLOBAL 7000 News Soon! Witchita BFTC (Bombardier Flight Test Centre) team members have been working in Toronto at the GLOBAL factory for a few weeks already. Expect the GLOBAL 7000 FTV1 to be flying soon. Amazing specs! See this: http://businessaircraft.bombardier.com/en/aircraft/global/global7000.html

There are rumours about the location of the Global 7000 factory in the future… nothing for sure yet… It does not look good for Toronto. Same for the Q400 factory. Anything to do with low British Pound exchange rate? Plenty of space/land at Montreal-Mirabel Airport (YMX) (dual 12000 feet runways) and Quebec Government fully backing its local leader, Bombardier Inc? Let's see soon!!! Selling Learjet (base out of Wichita) could bring the complete BFTC to Mirabel as well.

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Sylvain Faust