October 4, 2016 - Quebec, Canada

Well... SWISS 3rd CSeries (50012) is getting some paint touch an up, SWISS wants perfection and they deserve it! It is also "test complete", expecting acceptance and delivery flight by this coming week-end. Way to go, SWISS, here's another CSeries for you directly from the oven!

SWISS 4th CSeries (50013) is coming along, exiting the paint shop before the week-end. Entering it would be airBaltic first CSeries, the first CSeries CS300 to be delivered, 55003 (55001 is FTV7, 55002 is FTV8 currently in flight testing with airBaltic).

SWISS 4th CSeries should be delivered around the 2 week of November.

The airBaltic first CSeries (and first CS300 to be delivered) should fly away around the last week of November.

I'm expecting SWISS 5th CSeries (50014) to be delivered during the first week of December and another CS300 soon after, there goes 7 CSeries…

Sylvain Faust