11:30am October 17, 2016 - Quebec, Canada
Updated: 12:16pm
Updated: 8:10pm (Global 7000 "Experimental Flight Permit" instead of "Certificate of Airworthiness")

Some News

SWISS 3rd and 4th CSeries

The good news is SWISS 3rd CSeries should finally be leaving Mirabel Bombardier CSeries factory in the next 72 hours for SWISS. One last test flight today should be followed by the client (SWISS) acceptance flight before leaving Mirabel.

Why so long, what happened you're asking? An issue with Pratt & Whitney GTF engine #1 (left wing) relight in flight. Many things were check and recheck to a point where it was finally decided to change the engine completely. That's why those pre-delivery test flights do exist…

Will that affect the

already reduced CSeries deliveries scheduled for 2016? It should not. The other CSeries behind are progressing on their own. We should expect the SWISS 4th CSeries (MSN 50013) to be delivered very soon after the 3rd one (MSN 50012 see flightradar24.com, you should see it doing its dual flights today under the callsign BBA512, in fact, it is in flight right now! https://www.flightradar24.com/BBA512/b560dfd)

With the first delivery of its CSeries CS300 to airBaltic soon, expect a celebration at Bombardier happening "before" the end of the month showing the new livery / airBaltic painted CSeries, yes… it will be out of the paint shop in the next 24h!

China Airshow November 1-6 (http://www.airshow.com.cn/en/)

What about it?

First, it was great to see in China last week the Head of Structured Finance at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft…

Second, Bombardier CSeries CS300 will be presented in China using MSN 55002 with full cabin (aka FTV8). It would be leaving at the end of the month via Honolulu (any aviation geek there? let them know, we need pictures!).

Are we getting ready for some CSeries Sales News at the China Airshow?

Global 7000

This one is progressing much better than I did expect! I was expecting the first Global 7000 test aircraft (FTV1) not to be flying until 2017. You know what? I WAS WRONG!

You got it; the great Global 7000 (see the specs on Bombardier web site) is scheduled to do its first flight in 2016!!! Ok, but when? Not in December… and if things go well, not in November! It will be in October! Yes, in the coming 2 weeks!

How "Ready" is Global 7000 FTV1? Expect Transport Canada to be inspecting FTV1 for its Experimental Flight Permit this week! You know what it means; Bombardier is very very close to be done with the aircraft! That's a GREAT NEWS! What comes after? The certificate allows Bombardier to taxi the aircraft and start performing some slow runs and then high speed runs on the runway toward being ready for its First Flight! We should expect some news before the end of the month on this big event!!!


In case you did not notice what Alain Bellemare said last week publically, he mentioned that he is expecting CRJ, CSeries and rail services orders from Iran … Interesting! https://www.thestar.com/business/2016/10/13/bombardier-ceo-unfazed-by-late-start-in-iran.html

As we can see, Bombardier until the end of the year…

Sylvain Faust