It's about time each "country" decide for itself! AND their citizen be accountable for their Actions and Decisions!!!

Globalization DOES NOT WORK for the people. It works for the Corporations!

Globalization allows for your job to be done elsewhere for less, cheaper! The IDEA ONLY WORKS IF those Corporations DO PAY THEIR TAXES and that money put to good use to develop your country to new technologies and markets. Also add all the individual TAXES LOST with the use of countries where the SECRECY LAW is STILL in force!!!

GLOBALIZATION is a GAME where 2 SET OF RULES ARE IN PLAY. The RULES for you! And the RULES for the Corporations and the so called 1%. FIX THIS and maybe, maybe Globalization might work.

Since Corporations DO NOT PAY THEIR NORMAL SHARE of INCOME TAXES (just see APPLE for example), this is a LOSE LOSE situation for the normal citizen and your country!You Lose your Jobs AND your government lose the Income from those Corporations... BAD!!!!!!!GLOBALIZATION IS BAD FOR YOU AS IT IS!

PS If I was to think about my own pocket I might have thought differently...... PUT YOUR COUNTRY FIRST! Take care of YOUR CITIZEN FIRST! Take care of YOUR CHILDREN FIRST!