10:00am July 25, 2016 Quebec, Canada
UPDATED: 10:30am

(I will update this later very soon)

SWISS 2nd CSeries is "Flight Test Complete". Next flight to come will be the acceptance flight with SWISS. That was fast! Assembly Quality Control at Bombardier on the CSeries production line is great it seems!

Expect aircraft acceptance flight with SWISS representatives, de-registration with Transport Canada, issuing of its Certificat of Navigability, SWISS registration, ferry flight to Zurich with SWISS pilots.

SWISS 3rd CSeries, MSN 50012 is entering to the paint-shop July 31 for a week. It is nice to see CSeries production is still kicking during what is called the "shutdown" at Bombardier. Most of Bombardier people are on vacation, but the CSeries production lines and pre-delivery test team are at work, yes, not at 100%, but still! More staff is scheduled to be adding to the team very soon, production is getting it's process very well optimized, ready to increase its pace. Suppliers will have to be ready too...

SWISS is now using its first CSeries for 6 flights a day from what we can see on FlightRadar24. Entry into service is ratching up and the aircraft is doing perfectly to push it already to SWISS full utilization

Sylvain Faust