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Bombardier CRJ-900 NextGen or NextGenEngine with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 variant?

18:30 Quebec, Canada - March 2, 2017

A Piece of Cake for Bombardier?

Following on what I wrote few days ago about the new Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW800 (using the same core as the CSeries PW1500 ) that received FAA Certification (PW814/PW815), that it could be "the engine of change" for the current Bombardier CRJ700/900 and 1000
(read it here before reading what follows below:

As you might know, the CRJ700 and CRJ900 are very popular in the US with the regional airlines because of the famous "Scope Clause"… (what is the "Scope Clause"? Read these 2 pages so you know)

What's important for the CR900 is the 86000 MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) limit as per the "Scope Clause". That's why you won't see any CRJ1000 in the USA but many in Europe and Asia where there is no such thing as a "Scope Clause". The CRJ1000 MTOW is 91800 lbs. (Bombardier is ready with the CRJ1000 may the Scope Clause disappears in the USA one day)

Here's the maximum takeoff weight of the various CRJ900 and how close to the 86000 lbs "Scope Clause" they are:

  • CRJ900 80500 lbs, 5500 lbs from scope limit
  • CRJ900-ER (extended range /more fuel & MTOW) 82500 lbs, 3500 lbs from scope limit
  • CRJ900-LR (longer range / additional fuel & MTOW) 84500 lbs, 1500 lbs from scope limit

There's some room... but how much additional weight the heavier PW800 engine needs?

Changing the current GE34-8C5 (2450 lbs as published by GE) for the current PW815 (3135.7 lbs as certified by the FAA), represents an additional 685.7 lbs per engine, for 2 engines it makes the aircraft 1372.4 lbs heavier.

There is space for the CRJ900 and the CRJ900-ER and it might be feasible also with the LR version with some additional changes, some composite materials? (hello Belfast!)

Remember, the switch to such an engine, as the new Pratt & Whitney PW815, would mean about 10% to 15% saving on fuel consumption. So, the CRJ900-ER equipped with those new engines could become the new CRJ900-LR, having a 10% to 15% additional range with the same fuel weight, if necessary.

Thinking about it quickly I would say Bombardier has some options here and space to work with if desired. The "current" precise weight numbers on the CR-J900Nextgen could even be better to start off with? Would that be enough to capture the regional commercial jet market than building a new regional aircraft from scratch? ($$)

Let's see how this turns out! Some more existing time at Bombardier Aerospace!

Sylvain Faust

Like Father, Like Son? Trudeau Takes No Risk with Bombardier: Ottawa Offers a Loan to Bombardier CSeries $372M - 1/3 for CSeries & 2/3 for Global 7000/8000 - Some Peanuts and Jobs Saved in Montreal, Mirabel (Airbus), Downsview/Toronto? Mexico? and the USA (Vought Aircraft)...  (read more below)

Details on the Global 7000/8000, where are jobs created?

  • - Cockpit and Interior finition: Bombardier Montreal, Quebec
  • - Center Fuselage: Stellia (AIRBUS) Mirabel, Quebec
  • - Rear/Aft Fuselage: Bombardier Mexico
  • - Wings: Triumph Group, Vought Aircraft Division, USA
  • - Assembly of the total aircraft: Bombardier Downsview (Toronto)
  • - Avionics: Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion, USA

"In addition to avionics, Rockwell Collins will supply the flight control computer for the 7000 and 8000. The fly-by-wire flight controls and hydraulics system will come from Parker Aerospace. Messier-Bugatti-Dowty will provide the landing gear system, while Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (MABS) has been selected for the wheels and brakes. Liebherr-Aerospace was selected for air management, Apparatebau Gauting GmbH (AOA) for water and waste, and Arrowhead Products for ducting systems" ref:

CSeries Update  Oct-4-2016

October 4, 2016 - Quebec, Canada

Well... SWISS 3rd CSeries (50012) is getting some paint touch an up, SWISS wants perfection and they deserve it! It is also "test complete", expecting acceptance and delivery flight by this coming week-end. Way to go, SWISS, here's another CSeries for you directly from the oven!

SWISS 4th CSeries (50013) is coming along, exiting the paint shop before the week-end. Entering it would be airBaltic first CSeries, the first CSeries CS300 to be delivered, 55003 (55001 is FTV7, 55002 is FTV8 currently in flight testing with airBaltic).

SWISS 4th CSeries should be delivered around the 2 week of November.

The airBaltic first CSeries (and first CS300 to be delivered) should fly away around the last week of November.

I'm expecting SWISS 5th CSeries (50014) to be delivered during the first week of December and another CS300 soon after, there goes 7 CSeries…

Sylvain Faust

Another "Very Important" Milestone for the Bombardier CSeries Aircraft!

12:36 - July 14, 2016 - Quebec, Canada

Tomorrow, July 15 2016, is another "Very Important" milestone for the Bombardier CSeries aircraft. This will be the first time CSeries is carrying paying customers, the "entry into service" with CSeries its first customer, SWISS.

CSeries CS100 MSN 50010 (CS100 serial #10), official CSeries P6 (for aircraft production 6) now registered to SWISS as HB-JBA will fly from Zurich (ZRH) direct to Paris (CDG), SWISS flight LX638.

Here are the names of the SWISS pilots that will have the honor of commanding this first regular CSeries passenger flight; CMD Jonathan Spreng and CMD Jan-Pietro Mühlemann Delisio.

Strong of all its Triple Certifications, Transport Canada, US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the CSeries CS100 will start to execute on its real purpose! And this, with better efficiency and comfort over other aircraft of its size can achieve today.

It has been 12 years since the idea came up… many years of design and development, followed by years of certification/testing to insure the aircraft was perfectly safe and delivering on its promises… In fact, Bombardier delivered better than "advertised" performances…

Congratulation to all the people involved at Bombardier. Also, as being part of the 49% owing the CSeries, I want to give a special DANKE to SWISS and THANK YOU to all the people who got involved and decided to place an order with Bombardier for its new CSeries. We will make sure you won't be let down!!!

Enjoy! Another great day for Bombardier and the aviation world!

Sylvain Faust
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CSeries: More Good News?  Check this!

10:30 – June 22, 2016 – Quebec, Canada

More and more CSeries Good News!

Today: The last pre-delivery flight of the first CSeries to be delivered to Swiss Air. MSN 50010 pre-flight testing has gone so well the aircraft will be ready for delivery 7 days before it actual delivery flight to Swiss Air. WOW to the Bombardier Employees!!!

More good news?

MSN 50011, the 2nd CSeries to be delivered, also to Swiss Air, is ready and painted. This 2nd production CSeries to be delivered to an actual "paying for it" customer will be doing Fuel test this week-end. Expect to see it make its maiden flight early next week (June 27/28).

More good news?

Are you invited to the Party? June 29 is PARTY TIME at Bombardier CSeries facilities! Celebration of the first CSeries leaving Mirabel factory flying to Zurich with Swiss Air pilots in command! I don't think there's any key to be given to the pilots for their new aircraft, or maybe all the technical manuals over a… USB key… Mark this historical day, June 29, 2016, the first day CSeries actually leave the factory to be delivered to its first customer! Serial number 50010. A process that will be happening for many decades to come, brand new CSeries leaving Bombardier installation at Mirabel Airport (YMX) to be delivered to its new master and entering into service… We will all be flying on a CSeries soon.

More good news?

On the following day, June 30, it is CS300 Transport Canada Certification!

More good news?

A month after (or less?), the CS300 will quickly receive its EASA and FAA certification. This process is made quickly since all the communality between the CSeries models, i.e. CS100 and CS300. The same when a CS500 comes out, quick to build and test, and to certify. (Meaning? Not expansive to do). All the advantages of having a new Family just out, a strong base (the CS300 is the base model) to build upon for decades!

More good news?

Rumors has it, there are orders for CSeries coming up during the Farnborough Airshow before July 14. Also, we could expect one of those orders to be from a "British" airline for something around or in excess of 100 CSeries. Let's stay tuned for this special week, the Farnborough Trade Show is July 11 to July 15. Remember, July 15 is "another" day for history, the First Commercial Flight where CSeries is entering into service with one of its customer, Swiss Air! (the Star Alliance flight last month was a "demo flight using one of the test aircraft that belongs to, and was operated by, Bombardier", nothing of a commercial flight unless Bombardier is an Airline operator…)

More good news?

The 2nd CSeries might be delivered to Swiss Airline just before their first one make it actual entry into service flight… Bombardier is starting pumping CSeries out of the factory, with 15 of them scheduled to be delivered from June 29 to the end of 2016.

More good news?

Stay tuned to @sylvainfaust on Twitter and

Sylvain Faust

The PurePower® PW800 jet engine, just received FAA Certification! PW815 at 16011 lbs of Thrust, Weight of 3135.7 lbs, 5.1 weight to thrust ratio - Could this Heavier Engine Be Adapted to Bombardier CRJ/700/900/1000?

The PurePower® PW800, our #bizav jet engine, just received @FAANews validation! It is the easiest engine in its class to access & maintain.

9:50am - February 29, 2017 Quebec Canada

This would provide great operational savings, less fuel for same range. Offering increased Payload or Additional Range, Noise and more... Very Interesting!

The current engine used with the CRJ is the GE34 (version GE34-8C5 for the CRJs), an evolution from the engine used originally with the A10 Tank Killer (warthog) famous military aircraft... (I love that aircraft!)

Here are the specs of the CRJ version:

As you see it has a lower weight at 2450 lbs for a higher thrust to weight ratio (6.1) but the efficiency of the PW815 performance is very advantageous when compared with the GE34. Also, the PW815 is lighter compared to the Passport engine (oh) and more thrust compared with the Silvercrest...

Bombardier would have to work on a stronger engine attachment structure (additional engine weight), change of center of gravity corrected with a change of position of some equipment, change to the wing maybe...

Advantage to the CRJ?

- Additional Payload requiring less fuel weight loaded for the same distance, or,
- Additional Range (engine is using the same core as with the PW1500 in the CSeries)
- Less maintenance cycle/cost
- Passenger much better experience, noise, vibration!
- Noise sensitive airport
- Great Passenger experience, low noise, vibration...

Let's see what Bombardier will do to keep the CRJ in the market for another 10 years+ A totally new aircraft? (no, after the CSeries, give Bombardier and its shareholders a break for a few years!!)

The switch to the PW800 family would offer great savings compared to the existing CRJ with the GE34 engine. At what price to Bombardier?

Sylvain Faust

CSeries Delivery & Global 7000 FTV2 Update

10:30am February 20, 2017 - Quebec, Canada
UPDATE: 9:22am February 27, 2017 (Over the week-end, 50016 did its First Flight. 50015 did its Acceptance Flight, would another one be required?)

Here's some information regarding how it's going with CSeries and the new Global 7000 development.

As for the CSeries production and certification… yes, some things are left to be further certified, and always will be, depending of some special modifications (CSeries business Jet (CBJ) version, Government and Military specific use versions, etc.) (What is a STC? Here

Let's talk Global 7000 first! See this picture? This is FTV2, the 2nd Global 7000 being completed. It should do its First Flight this week, around February 24, from Toronto Downsview Airport where all Bombardier Global aircraft are assembled. Some days later it will team up with FTV1 in Wichita where is located the Bombardier Flight Test Centre team (BFTC).

Expect a lighter version of the currently design wing in use with the Global 7000 FTVs to be made available from the guys building it in the USA, Vought Aircraft, part of the Triumph Group. Should we expect an increase on the expected Maximum Payload possible with the new Global 7000? Or… Further Range?? (where a Global 8000 with extended range might not be necessary for a while??) A more flexible wing… Interesting, one way or the other…

As for the CSeries… It seems that Bombardier took some time at the beginning of 2017 to get things organised, helping rationalize its assembly line. As for production, here's some info that should show that there've been activities lately…

First: What-When… Delivery sequence is for 2 CS100 followed by a CS300, back to CS100 as for the next 4 to be delivered. Meaning…

  • SWISS 6th CSeries 50015 CS100 is ready to go, tomorrow Feb 21 is client acceptance flight.
  • SWISS 7th CSeries 50016 CS100 will be doing its First Flight (pre-delivery) by Wednesday Feb 22.
  • airBaltic 3rd CSeries 55005 CS300 is now out of the paint shop, engines installed! ;-)
  • SWISS 8th CSeries 50017 CS100 entering the pain shop today…

Yes, things are accelerating from now on with the CSeries delivery… While being true that Korean Air will be taking its first CSeries later this year, a CS300, the first airline to take a CS300 after airBaltic will be SWISS. SWISS first CS300 is to be 55010 and first KAL CS300 to be 55017, 6 CS300 after SWISS first. Remember the CS100 and CS300 both have its own MSN sequence number… Starting with 50 are the CS100, and with 55 the CS300.

CSeries steep approach certification is going very well. That will allow airlines like SWISS to land at airports such as London City. CSeries FTV2 50002 (long time no see for me) should be showing the world its steep approach capabilities when it comes for multiple landings at London City airport starting around March 20

To the staff at Bombardier… Keep it up… it is working!

Sylvain Faust,
A fan of what my people in Canada makes... fan of what my close friend neighbor makes in the USA, fan of what is made around the world related to aviations and technologies...

Picture: credit photographer Frederick K. Larkin

NEWS UPDATE on CSeries, Global 7000, China, Iran...

11:30am October 17, 2016 - Quebec, Canada
Updated: 12:16pm
Updated: 8:10pm (Global 7000 "Experimental Flight Permit" instead of "Certificate of Airworthiness")

Some News

SWISS 3rd and 4th CSeries

The good news is SWISS 3rd CSeries should finally be leaving Mirabel Bombardier CSeries factory in the next 72 hours for SWISS. One last test flight today should be followed by the client (SWISS) acceptance flight before leaving Mirabel.

Why so long, what happened you're asking? An issue with Pratt & Whitney GTF engine #1 (left wing) relight in flight. Many things were check and recheck to a point where it was finally decided to change the engine completely. That's why those pre-delivery test flights do exist…

Will that affect the already reduced CSeries deliveries scheduled for 2016? It should not. The other CSeries behind are progressing on their own. We should expect the SWISS 4th CSeries (MSN 50013) to be delivered very soon after the 3rd one (MSN 50012 see, you should see it doing its dual flights today under the callsign BBA512, in fact, it is in flight right now!

With the first delivery of its CSeries CS300 to airBaltic soon, expect a celebration at Bombardier happening "before" the end of the month showing the new livery / airBaltic painted CSeries, yes… it will be out of the paint shop in the next 24h!

China Airshow November 1-6 (

What about it?

First, it was great to see in China last week the Head of Structured Finance at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft…

Second, Bombardier CSeries CS300 will be presented in China using MSN 55002 with full cabin (aka FTV8). It would be leaving at the end of the month via Honolulu (any aviation geek there? let them know, we need pictures!).

Are we getting ready for some CSeries Sales News at the China Airshow?

Global 7000

This one is progressing much better than I did expect! I was expecting the first Global 7000 test aircraft (FTV1) not to be flying until 2017. You know what? I WAS WRONG!

You got it; the great Global 7000 (see the specs on Bombardier web site) is scheduled to do its first flight in 2016!!! Ok, but when? Not in December… and if things go well, not in November! It will be in October! Yes, in the coming 2 weeks!

How "Ready" is Global 7000 FTV1? Expect Transport Canada to be inspecting FTV1 for its Experimental Flight Permit this week! You know what it means; Bombardier is very very close to be done with the aircraft! That's a GREAT NEWS! What comes after? The certificate allows Bombardier to taxi the aircraft and start performing some slow runs and then high speed runs on the runway toward being ready for its First Flight! We should expect some news before the end of the month on this big event!!!


In case you did not notice what Alain Bellemare said last week publically, he mentioned that he is expecting CRJ, CSeries and rail services orders from Iran … Interesting!

As we can see, Bombardier until the end of the year…

Sylvain Faust

When is the NEW Bombardier Global 7000 FTV1 First Flight?

11:45am - September 7, 2016 - Quebec Canada

When is the NEW Bombardier Global 7000 FTV1 First Flight

CSeries FTV1 first flight happened about 4 months and 10 days after it was registered with Transport Canada.

Bombardier Global 7000 FTV1 (C-GLBO) was recently registered on August 29, 2016. Adding 4 months and 10 days to it provides 2017 as an approximated time for the Global 7000 FTV1 first flight, around the second week of January 2017.

Let's hope its development and configuration toward its certification flights is progressing as swiftly as with CSeries FTV1.

Sylvain Faust

CSERIES UPDATE and GLOBAL 7000/Q400 Rumors

9: 00am - August 18, 2016, Quebec, Canada
UPDATED 2:00PM August 21, 2016

CSeries Autoland CAT III and more…

CSeries has successfully accomplished its few first few CAT III Automatic Landing tests within some millimeters of its target (1mm = 0.0393701 inch). Looking real good for CSeries complete "Autoland Certification" real soon! Watch the activities with CSeries FTV3 (MSN 50003), usually under flight BBA503.

SWISS 3rd (yes, 3rd already) CSeries (MSN 50012) is scheduled for delivery around September 26. With the vacations now completed at Bombardier Montreal, production is going forward faster and faster, more employees are to be added as well very soon.

The first CS300 (MSN 55003) to be delivered & enter service with its first customer, airBaltic, is progressing as planned! Scheduled to be delivered between 50013 and 50014, 55003 is already under functional test procedures like its smaller brother 50013.

Bombardier has set the goal for 13 CSeries Deliveries in 2016 (this number has been revised). All from msn 50010 (CS100) and 55003 (CS300) and up! (no FTV etc).

SWISS has added to its service flights their 2nd CSeries CS100, (MSN 50011) registered as HB-JBB (first is HB-JBA, MSN 50010). Customer is happy! Their flying clients too!

Some GLOBAL 7000 News Soon! Witchita BFTC (Bombardier Flight Test Centre) team members have been working in Toronto at the GLOBAL factory for a few weeks already. Expect the GLOBAL 7000 FTV1 to be flying soon. Amazing specs! See this:

There are rumours about the location of the Global 7000 factory in the future… nothing for sure yet… It does not look good for Toronto. Same for the Q400 factory. Anything to do with low British Pound exchange rate? Plenty of space/land at Montreal-Mirabel Airport (YMX) (dual 12000 feet runways) and Quebec Government fully backing its local leader, Bombardier Inc? Let's see soon!!! Selling Learjet (base out of Wichita) could bring the complete BFTC to Mirabel as well.

Stay tuned for more. Add your email to the FREE FliegerFaust NEWSLETTER:

Sylvain Faust

NEWS: Bombardier Acquires Boeing Commercial Aircraft Division, Becomes Largest Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer in the World and more...

Bombardier Inc. to Acquire Boeing Commercial Aircraft Division, Becomes Largest Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer in the World, Acquires Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Production Rights, Sell 65 Super Hornet to Royal Canadian Air Force, Signs a 10 Years Unlimited Supply of Low Price Jet Fuel From Alberta for Bombardier customers (75% below prior 3 months average market price from the closing date of the transaction).

April 1, 2017 - Montreal
Bombardier Inc.

  • Boeing Commercial Aircraft Division includes all the current Boeing Commercial assets, product lines, factories and engineering, services and business centers and Boeing Super Hornet F-18/E production rights for US$42B.
  • Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co acquires 49% of Bombardier Transport for $US 5 billion
  • COMAC of China invests US$5B into Bombardier inc. announces the cancellation of its C919 program with the announcement to contract Bombardier for a minimum 245 upcoming CS500 CSeries plus options for 550 more with no 'official' knowledge transfer.
  • Government of Canada to Acquire 165 F-18/E Single-Seat Super Hornet from Bombardier replacing current CF-18 Hornet. Assembly of the new Super Hornets will be in Alberta hoping to hint the province into diversification from an oil production only economy.
  • Government of Canada, Quebec, Alberta, with Quebec 'Caisse de dépôt et placements' and Ontario Teacher's Pension Funds to invest US$20B in Bombardier using a new C class shares at 10000 shares for one vote. Government of Canada also to offer Bombardier an additional US$150B loan, 50 years fixed 0.5% interest payable at a date the majority of Bombardier shareholders will have to decide.
  • Bombardier become the largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world with its headquarter located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where the population still have no idea of all the products we make and sell around the world.
  • In an effort to further help Alberta, all new Bombardier Commercial aircraft delivery will include 10 years of 75% discounted Jet-fuel from Alberta.
  • Global 7000 "easy move" new high-tech assembly lines to be relocated to Montreal Trudeau Airport newly rented hangar from Air Canada, all Q400 parts produce by Bombardier, including its assembly, will be moved to a country later to be announced.

The Major Transaction: Bombardier and Boeing today announced that they have signed an historic agreement for Bombardier's acquisition of Boeing's Commercial Aviation business for approximately US$42 billion. The closing of the transaction is conditional on usual conditions and regulatory approvals, and if those are obtained closing is expected to occur before during 2017

Bombardier now becomes the new leader and largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world. Bombardier has a total product offering by combining current smaller aircraft (QSeries, CRJSeries and CSeries) and core technologies with Boeing larger aircraft (737, 747, 767, 777 and 787 families of airplanes and derivatives), solid worldwide market networks and maintenance centers, a solid technology and production base for the evolution of all the combined acquired assets globally, expands its offering into military offering, including fighter aircraft Boeing Super Hornet production rights winning the contract from government of Canada for the Royal Canadian Air Force replacing its current old fleet of CF-18 with the 165 newer F18/E Super Hornet. New assembly lines will be built in Alberta for the assembly of the Super Hornet under the agreement made with Boeing Defense in collaboration with the existing St. Louis production plant. This will help Canada increase its military spending spending toward 2% of its GDP matching the USA effort to the world peace.

Upon conclusion of this transaction; Bombardier will be the prime contractor responsible of all Canadian Air Force purchased aircraft sold by Boeing Defense. Canada is also cancelling its recently announced order with Airbus Defence to acquire 16 new C-295 Search & Rescue airplane replacing its existing Buffalo and Hercules assigned to the task. Instead, Canada is financing Bombardier to modify its existing very capable Q400 to design and add a 'rear door' as requested by Department of National Defence of Canada. "The other country does it, why not finance our own industry to supply our own Military!", said Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. "giving that contract to another country would be very stupid! A real Canadian government must act as such... Canada First!" he added.

"This is a great day for Bombardier, for its employees, all its suppliers, customers, shareholders and for the aviation in general. Combining Bombardier and Boeing Commercial Aircraft division is the most logical fit there is for our customers and our business adding 82,000 employees to its current workforce for a total of over 150,000 employees", said Alain Bellemare, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. Alongside Mr. Bellemare to celebrate the signature, which opens a new chapter in the partnership between the two companies, was Pierre Beaudoin, Executive Chairman of the Board, Bombardier Inc. "At Bombardier, we're very proud of our roots in Québec where my grandfather, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, founded the company in 1937 and put it on the map by inventing the snowmobile", said Pierre Beaudoin. He added "Top management at Bombardier do not have any bonus attached to this deal."

"This is exactly what I envisioned by accomplishing amazing things between Canada and our great neighbor, the United States of America, thanks to President Trump. My government is proud to supporting this transaction showing great innovation and vision from the great people at Bombardier'", said Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, between two sessions of yoga and a pray at the new mosque located at the Parliament of Canada he had built for his and Mélanie Joly personal use (twitter: @melaniejoly) (Warning: her freedom of speech is limited, don't publicly say you are against Islamic Extremist or she will "block" your account! This is her showing her great Canadian Values. Watch this video interview showing her personal confusion with the subjet click here)

More details about this April Fools' Day:

About Boeing Commercial Aircraft

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is committed to being the leader in commercial aviation by offering airplanes and services that deliver superior design, efficiency and value to our customers and a superior flying experience to their customers. Today, there are more than 10,000 Boeing commercial jetliners in service; airplanes that fly farther on less fuel, airplanes that reduce airport noise and emissions, airplanes that provide passenger-preferred comfort while delivering superior bottom-line performance to operators. Leadership for today and tomorrow. That's a better way to fly.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a business unit of The Boeing Company, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and employs more than 83,000 people worldwide.

About Bombardier

Bombardier is the world's largest manufacturer of both planes and trains. Looking far ahead while delivering today, Bombardier is evolving mobility worldwide by answering the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere. Our vehicles, services and, most of all, our employees are what make us a global leader in transportation. Bombardier is headquartered in Montréal, Canada for the moment.

April Fools' Day!!!

More details here:

Note to the editors:

Global 7000 FTV2 First Flight Today?

10:10am February 24, 2017 - Quebec, Canada
Updated: 11:10am

Here's a picture of the new Global 7000 FTV2 MSN 70002, thanks to Frederick K. Larkin for this great photo taken at Toronto/Downsview Airport where is currently located the Bombardier Global assembly line... Its ICAO Mode-S number is C0486C. Before you ask, Global 7000 FTV3 number is C061E6.

Following on ... high speed taxi should be followed by its first flight.


"Dear Sylvain,I want to thank you for your webpage"

Dear Sylvain,
I want to thank you for your webpage. I find it is a wonderful way to keep track of Canadian aerospace news. Your webpage came up when I searched for Cseries news.

Bombardier should link to your webpage.

I grew up in Montreal and Toronto with my father being a meteorologist at Dorval and Malton. He briefed the test pilots for the AVRO Arrow. I remember watching de Havilland Canada's planes being tested over my home in Toronto. My first flight was in a DOT DC-3.

Keep up the good work!
All the best,

Thanks to You for this message! Very Happy that you appreciate it!

CSeries Update

10:00am - September 23, 2016 - Quebec, Canada

Some CSeries Activity Update

Training is actually going on in Montreal with airBaltic pilots on the simulator. Training on the actual aircraft will happen with CSeries MSN 50005 (FTV5/CS100) coming to Montreal-Trudeau Airport YUL Monday Sept 26 and returning to Wichita on Thursday.

Lots of activities are coming for CSeries MSN 55002 (FTV8 CS300 with full interior).

Monday, FTV8 will be "en route" to Riga (airBaltic) for a series of flights, it will be arriving Tuesday. Starting Wednesday, and for a week, it will be flying to many destinations before returning to Wichita. Countries where CSeries FTV8 will be flying to are: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Italy…

SWISS: The 3rd SWISS CSeries MSN 50012 (CS100) will be making its maiden flight over this week-end in preparation toward its official delivery to SWISS.

First airBaltic MSN 55003 (CS300) to the paintshop soon...

The Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Li Keqiang is in Canada until tomorrow, Sept 24, in Ottawa and Montreal, with Justin Trudeau… Don't know what to make of it if there's no news about Bombardier and orders from China…

Have a great week-end,
Sylvain Faust

Since I'm Asked About BREXIT and the Route Back to Each Country in Europe Deciding for Itself Like it Was Just a Few Years Ago?

It's about time each "country" decide for itself! AND their citizen be accountable for their Actions and Decisions!!!

Globalization DOES NOT WORK for the people. It works for the Corporations!

Globalization allows for your job to be done elsewhere for less, cheaper! The IDEA ONLY WORKS IF those Corporations DO PAY THEIR TAXES and that money put to good use to develop your country to new technologies and markets. Also add all the individual TAXES LOST with the use of countries where the SECRECY LAW is STILL in force!!!

GLOBALIZATION is a GAME where 2 SET OF RULES ARE IN PLAY. The RULES for you! And the RULES for the Corporations and the so called 1%. FIX THIS and maybe, maybe Globalization might work.

Since Corporations DO NOT PAY THEIR NORMAL SHARE of INCOME TAXES (just see APPLE for example), this is a LOSE LOSE situation for the normal citizen and your country! You Lose your Jobs AND your government lose the Income from those Corporations... BAD!!!!!!! GLOBALIZATION IS BAD FOR YOU AS IT IS!

Sylvain Faust

PS If I was to think about my own pocket I might have thought differently...... PUT YOUR COUNTRY FIRST! Take care of YOUR CITIZEN FIRST! Take care of YOUR CHILDREN FIRST!

Today: Two Cessna 152 collided mid-air near St-Hubert YHU Airport close to Montreal around 12:37pm today (16:37z)

6:30pm March 17, 2017 Quebec, Canada

Here's my resume of the communications that could have been important related the mid-air collision of two Cessna 152 today close to St-Hubert airport CYHU/YHU, near Montreal. The airplanes belong to Cargair, a popular aviation school where I actually did my Multi-Engines training and Transport Canada tests... I flew many times some of the aircraft mentioned by the controller (see below).

Again I've excluded some of the communications that did not appear to me to be "near/close" related to the mid-air collision, far from the event. The two pilots were students from China. Cargair is a very popular aviation training school with a constant flow of future 'commercial pilots' from China for airlines in China.

In BOLD are the communications of the two aircraft involved in the mid-air collision. As you can see, one was supposed to stay below 1100 feet and the other to stay above 1600 feet.

According to the last communications from the controller, it appears that C-GPNP was 'lower' than the assigned "not lower than 1600" altitude, asking the pilot to maintain 1600 feet.

TWO questions here.

Why was C-GPNP flying lower combined to, why did the pilot not answer the controller, pilots must answer the controller very promptly! Was it a technical problem forcing him to fly lower? But not being able to answer his radio at the same time? Was it health related? One of the two pilot died from the crash but the other one is alive, the pilot or C-GPNP it seems.

Now that it's over, don't speculate too fast… ask questions!
(you can hear the communications by yourself at

  • 0:47 C-GPNP (Cessna 152) left downwind not below 1600'
  • 3:16 C-GVXM (Cessna 172) clear to take off
  • 3:27 C-GNDP 9 o'clock 0.5 Cessna 1800' not verified
  • 4:04 C-FILB (Cessna 152) turn base #1
  • 4:13 C-GAUB (Cessna 152) turn right to join a left base runway 24 left, left base runway 24L authorized, descend 1100'
  • 4:28 C-FGOI Cessna 152 Cargair ready for takeoff 24L turn eastbound not higher than 1100'
  • 5:05 (calling C-GCGV... no answer)
  • 5:37 C-GAUB #2 24L follow cessna 1 mile final
  • 5:40 (calling C-GCGV... no answer)
  • 5:45 C-FILB Clear Touch & Go 24 left
  • 5:50 C-GLVV 24 left - squawk ident (Cessna 152)
  • 6:23 C-GCGV (pilot): over Ste-Madelaine 1700' (controller) 24R clear right base not below 1600'
  • 6:57 BREAK C-GCGV Turn Left toward Mont St-Bruno avoid traffic 3oclock 0.5 mile, piper astec (PA-27 twin engine) on ILS runway 24 right
  • 7:27 C-GPNP maintain 1600' traffic 10 o'clock 1 mile cessna east bound 1100'
  • 7:38 C-GPNP make sure you maintain 1.6 (1600') 10 o'clock 1 mile Cessna east bound 1.1 (1100')
  • 7:55 C-GPNP Are you listening
  • 8:08 C-GPNP Are you listening

8:49 change of Controller...

Sylvain Faust

SCOOP: Changes at Bombardier Business Aircraft toward Global 7000 Arrival

August 31, 2016 9:00am - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

News : Global 5000/6000 20 Days Shutdown in 2017

Orders for Global 7000 are piling up, pushing on new Global 7000 to be released. Changes are happening at Bombardier Business Aircraft with the coming first flight of the 2 Global 7000 FTVs (Flight Test Vehicle) required for its certification.

Stay Tuned for more……..

Sylvain Faust

SWISS 2nd CSeries Performance Flight Test PASSED! 6:54 Flight Test (read below)

10:00am July 25, 2016 Quebec, Canada
UPDATED: 10:30am

(I will update this later very soon)

SWISS 2nd CSeries is "Flight Test Complete". Next flight to come will be the acceptance flight with SWISS. That was fast! Assembly Quality Control at Bombardier on the CSeries production line is great it seems!

Expect aircraft acceptance flight with SWISS representatives, de-registration with Transport Canada, issuing of its Certificat of Navigability, SWISS registration, ferry flight to Zurich with SWISS pilots.

SWISS 3rd CSeries, MSN 50012 is entering to the paint-shop July 31 for a week. It is nice to see CSeries production is still kicking during what is called the "shutdown" at Bombardier. Most of Bombardier people are on vacation, but the CSeries production lines and pre-delivery test team are at work, yes, not at 100%, but still! More staff is scheduled to be adding to the team very soon, production is getting it's process very well optimized, ready to increase its pace. Suppliers will have to be ready too...

SWISS is now using its first CSeries for 6 flights a day from what we can see on FlightRadar24. Entry into service is ratching up and the aircraft is doing perfectly to push it already to SWISS full utilization

Sylvain Faust


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