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Video: Bombardier Talks Said Stalled on Trudeau's Pitch - Nice!  Quebec Govt to Do It Alone Please! Move Toronto Factories to Quebec!
The Canadian government is pushing Bombardier Inc.'s founding family to loosen control of the aerospace company and issue $1 billion in new stock, triggering a standstill in talks over a federal aid package according to people familiar with the negotiations. Bloomberg News' Josh Wingrove reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

Once more... If the federal government prefer to let the Quebec government do it all alone with Bombardier Inc., it would be a normal thing to let Quebec have the advantage of its investment and risk taking. Bombardier should go forward and sell the Toronto/Downsview facilites, real estate , etc. ($) and move both factories of both the Q400 and the Global aircraft back to Quebec. Could take the opportunity to move Q400 to Mexico or China and still have the Global in Quebec! Jobs!!!

Plenty of space at the Mirabel-Montreal airport, two 12000 feet runways, two highways (15 and 50), 15 minutes from Montreal, and more, try to find that elsewhere!

Thanks "Captain Quebec" Justin Trudeau... but, no thanks, tell your Bay $treet Boys we're ok ;-) I think you should start to forget about a selfie of youself with a CSeries... :-)

Sylvain Faust

(image) Justin Trudeau Happily Smiling in a Boeing 737-800 (where's the CSeries selfie?)

Remember? Both Delta and British Airways asked Bombardier for a CS500 in 2012.  Great Launch Order Customers They Would be Both and Secured Together

Remember? Both #Delta and @British_Airways ask #Bombardier for a CS500 in 2012. Great launch customers they would be.. #CSeries #avgeek

April 18, 2016 - Quebec, Canada - Updated April 19, 2016** (see bottom)

Remember: Wall Street Journal: A notional third model, dubbed the CS500, would compete with larger versions of coming updated models of Boeing's 737 and Airbus's A320 that have sold by the thousands since 2010.

Mr. Cromer indicated Bombardier needs to get through testing the first two models to determine if there is an opportunity for a CS500 that might use the same wings, for example, a major cost savings

How perfect for Delta and British Airways not to be alone ordering CSeries and also announcing orders for the CS500 at Farnborough 2016 in coming July with Bombardier... ? Some are focusing on the past, who control the vote, but management is focusing on tomorrow... How would it help the city of Montreal current 11% unemployment rate, province of Quebec at 8.3%? Bombardier Inc. is not looking for an "extra" US$1B investment from Ottawa for nothing, they stated they have when they need for the "current products... ". On top of that, all investments in Bombardier by the governments have paid back heavily. (

This is a very exciting time at Bombardier under its new management team!

Sylvain Faust

**April 19: Note: I forgot about Lufthansa who "also" said they would order larger CSeries when available..

Canada Investing in Bombardier: It is a good thing for Canadians?

Quebec, Canada - March 24, 2016 - 13:00

Canada Investing in Bombardier: it is a good thing for Canadians?

Would it really be better for Canada, for us, the people at large, the flock of taxpaying citizenry, to let a foreign private company take all the profit from such an investment? An investor from abroad who will, slowly or not, end up relocating all Bombardier operations, offices, factories, R&D… to remote pasture.

A foreign owner from a country (and probably with the help of such country) thus reaping the benefits from all the corporate and individual taxes, investment in real estate, investment in infrastructures such as building, airports (Mirabel operating cost is paid by it's operators such as Bombardier, Montreal Trudeau and Toronto Downsview airport where Bombardier has factories and offices at them all), and more!

Indeed, this will equate to surgically removing the backbone the Canadian Aerospace industry, to blast it away to kingdom come, not merely break it.

Bombardier's management happens to see a great opportunity for Canada to push its Aerospace industry even further ahead and prefers to let the governments of Canada and Quebec be part of it!

Why? The true explanation resides in the fine print of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier legacy. A journalist could entertain you at length as to why in the world Valcourt, Quebec, is still the HQ of BRP, I'm sure. But why has the Bombardier/Beaudoin Family maintained, --until the present days--, its heart in Valcourt, namely the BRP R&D, the Design Center, the Snowmobile factory… the jobs? Quite simply, this state of affairs is indissociable from the set of values put forward by the founder himself.

Call it for what it is: the irrepressible inbred desire of Joseph-Armand Bombardier to Stay, to Help and Support his fellow citizens First! Bombardier is now a much larger company, granted! Yes, an International company who needs to have operations around the world to stay competitive, to win contracts on other continents. But still, Bombardier always kept its heart where it all started, in Canada, thanks to the Family. It would have been very different if the Family did not have the majority of the vote/control over Bombardier Inc.!

We can pretty well understand what would have happened by now, following a takeover by foreign entities. China offered $8 Billion for 50% of Bombardier Inc. just a few months ago, while trying to take control of Bombardier Transport.

We must not let jealousy take over! At times, I'm left wondering why doesn't the Family just let go, sell everything, "cash in" and get out. To part once and for all with all the ugly bashing going on about them, the "the control over the vote" foolish comments… They must be very strong, indeed, fighting to keep the heritage in Canada, the values the founder taught them.

Now is the time to decide… Either we, as Canadians, want to be part of this investment, or we don't. We will be the only ones to blame if we don't, and I trust our leaders in Ottawa to have grasped this very clearly.

"United we stand, divided we fall.", Abraham Lincoln

Sylvain Faust

Bombardier Losing Air Canada 75 CSeries Order? AVEOS: Quebec Government Can not Stop the Lawsuit Against Air Canada in Supreme Court - A Condition Not Respected of the Deal with Air Canada? - Aveos: le Québec ne peut se désister de la poursuite en Cour suprême

Aveos: le Québec ne peut se désister de la poursuite en Cour suprême, selon un avis juridique

Comments: by Sylvain Faust - March 3, 2016

I'm trying to think how Boeing and Airbus, how people from outside Canada see this, how laughable and pathetic we are!!! LOL

No need of any competition!!! We can shoot ourselves!!! We are PROFESSIONALS at this… First the Avro Arrow CF-105 (, now the CSeries and Bombardier all together!

Ok… Moving to the United States with Donald Trump as a President is NOT THAT BAD AFTER ALL!!! We're hard to beat…

Is there a Darwin Award for a country? (

Sylvain Faust


11:59am November 22, 2015 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

After I've told you on November 16 that Bombardier and the Caisse were in their final negotiation stretch, here's what I have to say about Bombardier and the Government of Canada in Ottawa. (

Many analyst I've been speaking with are wondering WHY is Bellemare still asking support from Ottawa, how would the government of Canada be helping Bombardier? In keeping its entire current workforce in Canada? Some analysts fear if Bellemare is in fact saying he needs more money for the CSeries.

Here's my opinion. Bellemare said it; Bombardier has plenty of cash for CSeries (meaning CS100 and CS300) and to complete all its other "current" development projects, i.e. Global 7000 & 8000. The new Challenger is done and certified!

But… Why Ottawa? Why mentioning this during the conference call? Remember, Bellemare is still, and always will be, in a negotiating standpoint trying to get the best for his company, always did, always will…

There's expansion coming, expanding does not always mean "more" factories… it could also mean moving them elsewhere on the planet where cost are lower, closer to the intended main market of tomorrow, where huge orders and other government could help a lot. Thinking fast, the Q400 is too expensive to produce presently for Bombardier. How do you correct this? You see…

I think Ottawa might show up helping keeping jobs in Canada, the 5000 related to the Q400 in Downview for example. Ireland is well open to produce more parts for the CSeries. ( There must be available space in Mexico (no Learjet 85 for the moment), basically the options are multiple.

Interesting to read: " Boeing's two leading unions, the IAM District 751 and SPEEA, are girding for a second try in the Washington State Legislature to retroactivity tie job retention to $8.7bn in tax breaks given by the state in 2013 in exchange for the 777X final assembly line and the airplane's wing production factory being located in Everett (WA)."

Ok, but "How" would Ottawa do it. I would say, and hope, that corporate structure changes are now done at Bombardier. If Ottawa comes out with some form of aid it would be in a newly created Aerospace funding program attach to keeping and creating jobs in Canada. This industry is "key" to Canada and Bombardier is the driver, the backbone, can't be without.

Basically, when we know how would Ottawa offers its help, the confirmation that of no more assets sales, the analyst will be able to get a clear view and calculate their short term company value.

After all this said… Bellemare is executing on each point of his action list.

What is next? AGGRESSIVE SALES!!!!!

I'm hearing that since CSeries is now certified pending Transport Canada "ruber stamp" in a few weeks, that Bombardier is Cash Full, clients are in line… This is what is NEXT on Bellemare's action list if you are asking me. Stay Tuned!

Sylvain Faust

Delta CSeries Order: No, Bombardier is Not Losing $4M by Airplane - All is Normal

June 4, 2016 - By André Allard

This is an automated translation from french to english quickly revised. The link to the original french version is at the bottom. Thanks to André for his permission to share this with you on

Obviously, the inclusion of a provision of 500 M$ for onerous contract in the balance sheet of Bombardier for Delta Airlines and Air Canada controls seems generating much confusion. Additional explanations are needed.

It would be an error to take the provision of 500 M$ for both airlines orders and dividing by the number of planes sold, or 125, which would result in a loss average 4 m $ by plane. In fact, the 500 M$ provision for future loss concerns the airplanes that will be produced during the famous learning curve I talked on May 19, which here is an excerpt:

The introduction of any industrial goods whatsoever includes what is called a learning curve. This phenomenon is linked to the fact that more often a human reproduced the same task of manufacturing, the more he becomes effective. Which means that the number of hours required for the production of a unit will be descending and that productivity and profitability will increase with the number of units produced. The learning curve is not unique to the aviation industry and exists in all areas of manufacturing. According to studies compiled over the years, we can say that in general aviation, the learning curve production costs decrease by 15% every time the number of units produced is doubled. The learning curve in aeronautics implies the first 200 to 300 produced units will cost more to produce than what they bring. This comes in addition to successfully commercialize a new airplane; an Above-average discount to attract the first major customers is normal. There again, this phenomenon is not unique to the C Series and is rather standard. It is the refusal of the previous administration to provide such discounts that caused the hollow in sales of the C Series at the beginning.

With regard to the learning curve of the C Series, the vice-president of the C Series, Rob Dewar, said in an interview with Aviation Week magazine that this curve was steeper (faster) than expected. This means that Bombardier employees learn more quickly and that production costs decrease more quickly. From Mr. Dewar information and other data collected on the Internet, I have reproduced a chart representing the learning curve of the C Series. I used a cost of departure of 70 M$ and a decrease of 20% each time that the production doubles in order to better represent the most recent information.

To see the image you have to be directly on this page:

(image)Expected CSeries Production Cost Per Unit

With this available data, you arrive with a production cost of 28.7 M$ per unit at the beginning of 2020. As it is averaged with the CS100 and the CS300, suggests that the cost of production from the CS100 is then slightly less than 28 M$ per unit. This is in line with the information circulating about the price paid by Delta for the CS100 purchased. This is also in line with the statement of the president and CEO of Bombardier, Alain Bellemare, who says that the C Series will begin to generate surpluses in 2020. With this curve, Bombardier would need to produce 230 to 250 C Series to bring the cost of production under the sales price, which is in good average and certainly better than the Boeing B787 for example, which it will require a minimum of 1000 produced equipment to reach this threshold.

Estimated losses related to the introduction of the C Series should vary from $2 to $3 billion and, should I need to say, is as expected and planned. No news here.

The method of accounting used by Bombardier, which is different from that used by Airbus and Boeing, makes sure the company must record losses at the time where they are incurred. Now as long as Bombardier had not sold the aircraft, they could not make allowance, since they did not know at what price the aircraft would be sold or how much it should produce during the learning curve. In fact, Bombardier had to wait to have completed the program of certification before being certain to launch production of the C Series and to have a good estimate of the number of airplanes that will be produced in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Finally, no matter the amount the discounts represent, the first units built during the establishment of a new aircraft always are at a loss, regardless of the size and the name of the manufacturer.

French original version:

Bombardier Aid Talks Stall on Trudeau’s $3 Billion Pitch - Byebye Ottawa - Let's Get out of Ontario, Sell Dowsview and Move the Q400 & Global Factories to Quebec ASAP!  Would Quebec make it $2B Instead of just $1B for This???
The Canadian government is pushing Bombardier Inc.'s founding family to loosen control of the aerospace company and issue $1 billion in new stock, triggering a standstill in talks over a federal aid package, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

Ottawa can try to make its "Bay Street Boys" happy, but Bombardier can also decide to sell its Downsview operations and real estate. At the same time, move both aircraft factories, Global and Q400, in Quebec? Hey Mirabel airport has plenty of space! Dual 12000 feet runways!

Thank you Ottawa... for helping Quebec, in a way... "je me souviendrai" cependant... never again to trust whatever they say...

Sylvain Faust

Ottawa Potential Investment in Bombardier Inc. CSeries: "No different from auto bailout, when govts took stakes in GM; Chrysler. We don't call that an investment" Kristine Owram, Financial Post Toronto
If a Toronto "Financial" reporter can't make the difference between a bankrupted company and one that is not, what can we do about it?

What could be suggested?
1- Change where you get your financial news?
2- Bombardier Corporate needs a dedicated and very active PR person to call on the BS reported?

Sylvain Faust

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft News Coming soon?

13:30 - April 19, 2016 - Quebec, Canada - UPDATED 20:47

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft News Coming Soon?

(since no body is talking about the other 75% of the company, i.e. Bombardier Transport, Bombardier Business Aircraft, Bombardier Aerostructure*... - see bottom of this article… )

What can be expected any day now?

  • Delta! Yes I know… we're all on the sideline waiting to see who is coming out from the last curve to the finish line… That would be something also if Delta inherits the early delivery slots assigned to Republic. The other airlines will have to make it quick to place their orders and "WAIT" for delivery… Could we see a RUSH to CSeries for orders? Also, could Delta TechOps (google it guys) be part of the deal and becoming a certified CSeries service center? Oh wow!
    UPDATE: Confirmed for APRIL 28-29: The airline, which has been reviewing part of its narrowbody fleet, plans to hold a media event and "fleet showcase" on April 28-29 at which it says it plans a series of announcements.
  • Air Canada order converted into a firm order… Soon!
  • Who bought 4 of the CSeries FTVs and the first 4 CS100 production aircraft (serial 50006-50009)? We might hear about a LOI converted into a firm order again very soon. This is no Boeing 787**, the first few CSeries built aircraft are not going to stay parked on the side line for years! Selling the early first few is definitively a sign of strong confidence in the CSeries and its new production factory (and the People at Bombardier!)
  • Ottawa!!!! Aaaaah ooooooooh (it's my Yoga exercise pause…) click click (oops sorry, had to do some more selfies) Well… I think it's up to Justin Trudeau to decide if he wants to be left alone out of this very important industry for the Canadian economy, something that will be remembered for years and years to come… As far as I see it, the new management is taking care of business and the management board has decided well for putting them in place. Thanks for 20000+ jobs in Canada. As Canadians, we have the choice of spending our tax money on a Governor General, the honourable representative of a foreign Queen who did and does nothing for Canada, or a company and industry that generates billions in businesses, gets new cash into the country (hey, exportation!), generates income taxes, etc.***(see bottom page) That being said, next week at Mirabel Bombardier CRJSeries and CSeries factory is the annual shareholder meeting… ALSO next week in Montreal is the International Aerospace Week event. Would this be a good time to make a public announcement investment in the Canadian aerospace sector? Whistling…

Let's see how it goes… Funny and interesting time it is. This could be very hectic for Bombardier Inc. (and its Communication staff)

Sylvain Faust

*Bombardier divisions and how they are organized, so you know what we're talking about?

** Boeing sells overweight 'terrible teen' Dreamliners

**Where are the Billions of dollars impact of Bombardier inc to Canada? Here's a start:

Update - Gossip: Done Deal, Ottawa US$1B With Quebec US$1B 1/3 Each and Bombardier Keeps Control of CSeries Company - Make Sense!  Let's Stay Tuned if News Soon

Quebec proposes curbing Bombardier control of new jet program: sources

Updated March 9, 2016

PS: But why the help from Ottawa is so important as Bellemare said? Why not just US$2B from Quebec? Something tells me Bombardier wants something from Ottawa that only the Federal Government has control over, can provide, on top of the US$1B... To resume trade with Russia and the new Q400 factory? A $3.4B contract is waiting there...

Updated March 8, 2016

As we expected, 1/3 each of ownership each of Ottawa invests in the CSeries, the future. Certainly, the government will not disagree with Bombardier's direction, who knows the industry. The governments just want to "help" it! Went CSeries is profitable, Bombardier credit rating will go back better, it will buy back the total 100 ownership obviously via their call option on each investment. What I wrote about this already is here:

The board seats does not mean much! Meeting once a year for technical paperwork reasons mainly.

Who has the power, control of the new CSeries Company will be defined in a very important document called "shareholders agreement", where each shareholders right, list of veto, power/decisions, etc... are defined, limited, etc... How each of them could buy each other's out, etc...

Don`t worry, nobody wants the governments to be "controlling" the CSeries, governments just want to help Bombardier cash wise for a while and get their part of the CSeries bought back, cashing back the $ invested, and leave ASAP with Bombardier and CSeries saved. Something interesting is to see how the Canadair acquisition by Bombardier from the Canadian government was structured...

Stay tune for this big quote to come up in the Media "Government will have a Say since Controlling CSeries with a Majority of Board Members".

It is obvious, making a statement like this, shows no knowledge of how a company is ran, the corporate law in Canada. Is it all about using the News to make a Show or pretending something else with it? Getting millage on it and not properly understanding "What it really means", still after being told? ;-) Is anyone still seeking the Truth?

Back to the real subject… What power do you think a board that will meet once a year or so will have? Rubber Stamping?

"believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it; doubt everything, but don't doubt of yourself" André Gide

Sylvain Faust

Q&A on United - More Orders to Come for Bombardier? Embraer?

9:15 - Montreal February 23, 2016

Question: If we make the total order calculation, it seems like United still has not completed its smaller aircraft purchasing?

Answer from an aviation professional following the United transactions:

Yes and no. If United wants to increase its 76 seat aircraft operated by the regionals, then no, they have not completed their narrowbody purchases. In fact, as an extreme example, they could order 1000 737s and they would still need to order the C Series or Embraer E2 aircraft.

If United is content with the current quantity restriction of their 76 seat jet fleet then unfortunately they would not require any C Series or E2 aircraft orders and these Boeing orders could serve their fleet needs.

No doubt the press will make this out to be a Bombardier lost order without any knowledge of United's narrowbody fleet plan or knowledge of their pilot contractual obligations. Poor journalism however seems to be a consistent theme in the aerospace sector.

Looking for CSeries Potential Clients?

The "Active" old Airbus A318 and A319, combined with the "Active" old McDonnell Douglas MD 8x/9x (Boeing B717 after the takeover), aircraft the current CSeries is perfectly positioned to replace; I'm arriving at a total of 2005 aircraft.

Approximate numbers but very close!

A318 81
A319 1486
B717 158
MD8x-9x 519

Total 2005

Sylvain Faust

"What Does Ottawa Want?"

11:03 - May 17, 2015 - Quebec Canada
UPDATED - 8:35 - May 24, 2016
UPDATED - 9:10 - May 27, 2016

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has spent $83 million for an underground pedestrian tunnel so passengers no longer have to face the weather and wait for a ferry ride to cross the small channel to the downtown.

Building on this airport expansion, Porter Airlines placed an order for 12 CSeries CS100 and options for 18 more, valued at US$2 billion. The decision was based on the fact the CSeries makes less noise than the current Q400 flooding the airport daily already. A small runway expansion would be required to make the CS100 totally safe and legal to use at the downtown airport and allowing Porter to serve the Toronto citizen with direct flights from downtown to destinations it only can dream of so far, and still...

*The CSeries noise is reduced by 50 to 75 per cent compared with existing engines and fuel burn is cut by up to 16 per cent.

The Porter order is conditional to the runway expansion required. A small group of expensive condo waterfront wealthy citizen opposed it, probably not knowing anything about the facts around the CSeries, preferring to keep the noise generated by the huge quantities of Q400 turboprops from Air Canada and Porter at the airport.

The local Liberal candidate looking for ways to get elected promised to his healthy supporters that if elected there would be no CSeries at the airport, still even if a majority of the Toronto population was for it.

Looks like he never watch Star Trek. Spock: "Logic clearly Dictates, the Needs of the Many Outweigh The Needs of the Few".

You guessed it right! He got elected and so his leader, Justin Trudeau, now Canada Prime Minister. Trudeau named Marc Garneau as Minister of Transport. Listening to this higher astronaut logic, hours after he was named, probably aware of all the facts, i.e. the promised made by his depute and not the CSeries, another very logical decision was made public, his decision not to support the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport expansion, and you know how? By a tweet over twitter!!! There was the "logic clearly dictates" first move made by our former astronaut, back on earth we all hope!

Where does it leave us? Justin Trudeau government quickly scrap a US$2B dollar Bombardier CSeries order protecting Air Canada from Porter expansion as well at the same time (oh!).

Now what? That same Justin Trudeau government is trying to think hard for over 6 months now (something that took Quebec government 3 weeks) to find a way to help and invest in Bombardier CSeries. Or to break Bombardier apart? For the last 18 months, Bombardier's management has been totally changed! Trudeau, with his Morgan Stanley Toronto Bay $treet consultants are trying to change who control the company, to bring its shareholders on its knees, like if it needed that? To allow foreign control of the company having the only goal to break it apart and sell it to the highest bidders (and those are not Canadians!). Some says Bombardier's management needs to change! Well, check this out:

Changes at Bombardier for the last 18 months.

Feb. 2015 - Alain Bellemare appointed President and CEO, Bombardier Inc.
Jun. 2015 - Louis G. Véronneau appointed VP Mergers & Acquisitions Bombardier Inc.
Jun. 2015 - Jim Vounassis appointed VP Operations Strategy Bombardier Inc.
Apr. 2015 - Fred Cromer appointed President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
May 2015 - Colin Bole, appointed Senior VP Sales & Asset Management Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.
Jun. 2015 - David Coleal appointed President, Bombardier Business Aircraft
Aug. 2015 - Nico Buchholz appointed Senior VP and Chief Procurement Officer Bombardier Inc.
Aug. 2015 - John Di Bert appointed Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer Bombardier Inc.
Dec. 2015 - Laurent Troger appointed President Bombardier Transportation
Jan. 2016 - Patrick Baudis appointed VP Marketing Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.
Feb. 2016 - Benoit Cattin-Martel appointed President Asia Pacific Division Bombardier Transportation
Apr. 2016 - Benoit Brossoit appointed President Bombardier Transportation's Americas Division
Apr. 2016 - Michael Fohrer appointed President of Locomotives, Light Rail Vehicles and Services
Apr. 2016 - Germar Wacker appointed President Mainline & Metros, Central/Eastern Europe & CIS

If you read the government wants to see changes at the direction of Bombardier Inc... I think this has been done and still happening! Don't you think? Should Quebec offer the total US$2B to Bombardier in exchange of the company to bring all the Ontario aircraft assembly lines (Q400 and Global) jobs back into Quebec? All trains/buses/metro assembly too? Say "thank you" to Justin Trudeau and his Bay Street Boys with no vision other than their personal interests, if so.

The question is now ours, "What Does Ottawa Want" ? In Quebec we're ready, either way! So far, "Thanks, but no Thanks"

Sylvain Faust

*"This is not a Jet!" information for the neophyte on the engine of the CSeries:

UPDATED (DELTA ORDERS CSeries) : Bombardier: Information Regarding the Coming April 28 and 29 - Delta, CSeries, Subway/Metro, Air Canada...

20:40 - April 26, 2016 - Quebec, Canada

UPDATE #1 - 10:10 April 27, 2016 (see bottom)

UPDATE #2 - 23:00 April 27, 2016 (see bottom)

Bombardier CSeries P1 (serial 50006, full interior) would be leaving Mirabel to be in Atlanta on the April 28… Should I have to say that it will be used during a huge public event at Delta? Expect that CSeries to stop by the paintshop for some little work before leaving for Atlanta. It seems that CSeries CS100 P1 will be staying in Atlanta for the 29 as well.

Another CSeries, a CS300, FTV8 (serial 55002, full interior) would be leaving Wichita to be in Mirabel on April 28. Potential visit by customers and more.... (Read below)

April 29, for the annual general meeting (AGM) of the shareholders, here's what they would be able to see on static display: CSeries CS300 FTV8 (mentioned above), and from what I think and hope for ;-) Q400, Challenger 650 and a Learjet 75, but not confirmed. It would be nice to have the whole aircraft product family!

ALSO, confirmed to be on display, two Bombardier Azur subway cars. Those were installed today in preparation of this coming Friday event. Yes, in case many of you forgot, Bombardier 50% of the business "is not" about airplanes… Those subway cars are part of the new ones currently being delivered for the Métro of Montréal replacing the older ones. Displayed will be a Montreal Metro "Azur" (see below*) car and a locomotive, unit # 10-089 and 10-088.

Yes, rails where installed in a Mirabel aircraft hangar for that purpose, for the shareholders to see! Remember, Montreal has a quiet Rubber-tyred metro -- On some systems (such as Paris, Montreal, and Mexico City), there is a regular railway track between the rollways and the vehicles also have railway wheels with larger (taller) than normal flanges, but these are normally at some distance above the rails and are used only in the case of a flat tyre and at switches/points and crossings.(extract from wiki, see below** )--


Still on April 29, I'm expecting to have news from Air Canada about the CSeries recent orders. Air Canada could announce that their order is now "firm".

Stay tuned as I'll be updating this page with more…!

Sylvain Faust

* Montreal Metro Azur Pictures:

** Rubber-tyred subway infomation

** (en français) Métro sur pneumatique

UPDATE #1 : The stage is being set (not only virtually) for the Delta announcement ordering a bunch of CSeries, becoming CSeries largest customer (for the moment). THIS IS THE STATEMENT for the CSeries program. This is THE STATEMENT the management at Bombardier has GREAT VISION and TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS! No Airline will let Delta doing this alone without trying to participate too in the utilisation of the CSeries.

What's next? I'm hearing many things, what about an extension to the current brand new CSeries factory/assembly line? Already you say? Well… things are maybe better than you can read in the newspapers, you know, the ones using the words "Bailing/Bailout"… oh, am I surprised, it is so funny! Can Ottawa have role to play in this investment?

Do not be surprised if tomorrow I come to tell you that Alain Bellemare has taken off from Montreal for Atlanta and be back later for the 29 meeting… Yes, bombardier makes Business Jets and do use them too to take care of important business! A nice Global 5000 it is.

Can there ALSO be news about the CSeries being certified by the FAA?? Eum…………..

More to come… stay tuned on this page and my twitter account @sylvainfaust

UPDATE #2: Mirabel, We have a liftoff!

Again, and for real, should I say it again??? "The Stage is Set!" All is in place for the official announcement, April 28, 2016. Delta is purchasing a bunch of Bombardier CSeries!

The red carpet has been installed (no joke), CSeries P1 serial 50006 is in the background, Delta logo on the aircraft. Long limousine has been seen at the Bombardier Mirabel CRJ and CSeries facility this evening, April 27… This is FOR REAL!

CSeries P1 will then leave Mirabel airport YMX to Atlanta at 14h local time for the Delta event on Friday April 29. Delta Airlines will be showing their new acquisitions to the World! P1 will return later that day to Mirabel. As I annonced before, CSeries CS300 FTV8 will fly to Mirabel from Wichita tomorrow and be displayed in the hangar where the shareholder meeting is to take place, with other Bombardier products, such as the new Montreal Azur Metro cars (read this article from the top).

Also, I'm being told that Farnborough in July is the place to be if I want to witness things that I find to be very exciting... eh... what could it be about... I'm thinking really really hard... 8-)


Updated: "Foreign Entity" Investing with Ottawa And Quebec in the CSeries and Bombardier? USA, Europe, or China?

11:45 - Quebec, Canada - March, 18 2016
Updated 13:00 - Quebec, Canada - March, 29 2016

Will Justin Trudeau invest in Bombardier CSeries Alone?

As we know, also present during the dinner in *Washington were the chief executives of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, both fighting to get the Canadian CF-18 military replacement contract. Lockheed's troubled F-35 stealth fighters and Boeing's F-18 Superhornet (the newer version of the Canada current CF-18) are both competing in this race.

What does it take to win the CF-18 replacement contract in Canada?

On the other hand, we have Quebec Minister Jacques Daoust mentioning (by mistake) few days ago that Bombardier has other offers and he needs the Ottawa investment not to lose control to a, what he called, "foreign entity".

Do I see the light in this rather long Ottawa negotiation process? Remember Justin Trudeau said that he wants to make sure the CSeries will be set for GOOD and for a LONG TERM SUCCESS.

Now we just learned that Morgan Stanley is involved… Something big I would say, since due diligence is necessary said the Federal government. Why so when Bombardier and the CSeries is so well known by the government, they have their HQ in Canada, do so many filings with the government because of prior loans and grants… Why a "due diligence" and so much time to come up with a deal?

My experience would say something bigger than just the Federal investing in Bombardier CSeries is being done here… But What?

Looking at all this, I would not be surprised to see a deal with Ottawa, and Quebec, and Bombardier involving a minimum of one more "foreign entity", like Quebec Minister said, but who?

We know that Boeing newer MAX aircrafts are not selling greatly compared with the newer Airbus NEO. As you know those recent 737 sales, United for example, Boeing was not able to sell its newer MAX model but the older one instead… Not "new enough"?

Ottawa keeps saying they were asked for US$1B from Bombardier. If a third party (forth in this case) is involved, I could see an additional US$3B added to the existing Quebec investment coming in the new CSeries Holding Company. How? A partnership of 1/3 Bombardier, 1/3 Quebec+Ottawa (US$1B each), 1/3 "Foreign Entity" for US$2B, giving a total value of $6B for CSeries, which is the amount invested by Bombardier for the CSeries, would it make perfect sense!?!

Having such additional partner would provide a drastic increase in the sales and commercial success of both the CS100 and CS300 CSeries. The robust cash full CSeries Holding Company will have the funding for the upcoming CS500 & CS700, quite inexpensive to develop now that the base CSeries is certified.

For such an investor, Canada is a good place to be, low wages, plenty of aerospace qualified people, plenty of space for growth. Montreal Mirabel YMX/CYMX airport dual 12000' runways, all the land available there for factories & office expansions and access to all the great new technologies that CSeries has, it works, it is certified! This is "time to market" huge savings!

For Ottawa and Quebec governments, it would make the CSeries Holding Company an entity with a minority government ownership, making it a "none government controlled" company.

If not Boeing, who else? I'll be very happy that Canada replaces the current old CF-18 Hornet with the brand new beef up Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet** "IF" Boeing do agree to become an important partner with Canada in its aerospace industry. I don't know why, but I think the SuperHornet is just great! You? Airbus from europe? I love the Rafale as well! Dassault offered Ottawa to have it assembled in Canada if they were the one selected! It's a start in the negotiation process, don't you think? But I think of another party that could be very interested by Canada and Bombardier...

But, the third party could be China! Remember Bombardier has strong ties with China for many years as the Desmarais as well: Those deals with another country do require Ottawa's permission... Is it why Bellemare wanted Ottawa to be involved? Why it is taking so long?

As for Bombardier Transport, the other 50% of Bombardier Inc., other projects are in development in Europe

Note: What can Trudeau do to add 70 CSeries firm orders quickly? Accept the Toronto Island airport expansion as planned and allowing up to 49% of foreign ownership in Canadian transport companies. This would confirm 30 CSeries for Porter (as planned) and 40 CSeries for JetLines*** ]

Looking forward to know what "the real deal" is all about from Ottawa with Bombardier...

Sylvain Faust


**Justin Trudeau vows to scrap F-35 fighter jet program:


"Embraer CEO is Surprised that the Canadian Government still not doing everything to help" CSeries" - Aviationweek (my comments below)

Quebec, March 2, 2016

To all Canadians… How stupid do we look as a nation??? How bad is this affecting Bombardier's Market and Customers when your own Country have the appearances of being scared of you, that won't touch you with a 10 foot pole, letting you down??? AMAZING CANADA!!! WAKE UP! Why taking so much time? We know how worst it makes it seem to be to everyone when such decision takes so much time to be announced?

Why was the decision (via Twitter!) about the Billy Bishop none-expansion so quick after the election and that announcing the support of Bombardier, its CSeries, and the whole Canadian aviation/aerospace industry is not?

1- Stop burning foreign imported fuel especially when from corrupted countries such as Libya, stop funding other countries, use our products!

2- What commercial aircraft is the President of France using when traveling abroad? Boeing?? NO!! An AIRBUS! (ask yourself why). What commercial aircraft is the President of the United States of America using when travelling? Airbus? NO!! It is BOEING! (and the new upcoming AirForce One will be too! What would you think if it was an Airbus? LOL)
What is the Prime Minister of Canada doing? Why haven't we, STILL NOT ordered at least ONE CSeries, the world most ADVANCED and GREEN aircraft in production today, and IT IS CANADIAN! Made by a Canadian controlled Company. The 2 largest shareholders are the Beaudoin/Bombardier family and La Caisse de Dépot et Placement du Québec. Paying taxes in Canada (to both Quebec and Ottawa). Building 2 aircraft types in Ontario (Q400 & Global), and 3 aircraft types in Quebec (Challenger, CRJ, CSeries). Add the engineering & R&D work to all this and administration, sales, marketing, operation, customer support etc... Are we Stupid or what?

What the hell are we doing as a Nation? Who makes those decisions? Is there a LEADER in the country? I'm getting very tired of all this... You and I, we must be very stupid?!?!!?

To the Bombardier/Beaudoin family, I must say Thank You for not dropping the ball and selling Bombardier Inc. outright and cashing big with all this going on, the never stopping bashing and jealousy... Proud of what and who you represent, also proud of you all at Bombardier (and BRP too). Between being proud of a foreign Queen or proud of Bombardier? Which one should I prefer...... let me think a long 1/100000th of a second here....

More at

More: 180000 jobs at play in Canada Aerospace: Carleton University's Ian Lee Interview:

Sylvain Faust

The "Call Option" - Bombardier vs La Caisse & Government of Quebec

11:30am - Montreal, February 17 2016

This morning during the latest Bombardier conference call there was a mention about the "Call Option" with the government of Quebec ownership in the CSeries program.

As I've been "assuming" since day one, Bombardier has the right to "Buy Back" that participation to totally own the CSeries again. This is simply done by paying back to Quebec the $ investment made in the CSeries by the government. Also, Quebec government will keep the issued warrants having the options to buy in the future BBD.B shares at strike/fixed price of $2.21, very interesting when the price goes back above this point. Why "assuming"? Because I would have done the same!

This way, Bombardier recovers 100% of ownership over the CSeries. But more on this below in a second...

As for the investment made by "La Caisse de dépot et placement du Québec" in Bombardier Transport (La Caisse is already the second largest shareholder in Bombardier Inc with BBD.B and BBD.A shares), this investment also has a "Buy Back" option for Bombardier. To gain back 100% of its Transport division, Bombardier has to reimburse the investment made by The Caisse added with a 15% interest compounded annual return. Meaning? If the business goes as plan, a better offer than La Caisse comes in (merge with another transport company?) and Bombardier wants to have its entire division back to take advantage of the future higher value, it can buy it back! Nice work!

Now, back to the CSeries deal with Quebec, what does it mean? Basically, it provides cash to the company that it seems it does not need?? (CS500?) Also, as part of this deal, and prior to it in the Closing, Bombardier Inc. is keeping all the CSeries already accumulated lost (using a "write down", simply an accounting process). This allows the company to save on future income taxes, to apply it to its profits diminishing the amount of income taxes it would pay, when making a profit. Also, as you might know, the CSeries will still lose money this year with the expenses related to the first few aircrafts, the new factory ramping up, etc. (about CDN$500K in 2016), Bombardier does not have to share any CSeries profit with Quebec since there are none "for now". I'm assuming that the lost (paid using Bombardier's pocket) would be seen as an investment in the new CSeries company, increasing the Bombardier participation (paid in new shares) or seen as a loan to the CSeries new company made by Bombardier Inc. A detail, but still an interesting one…

When the time comes CSeries is profitable, using the Call Option, Bombardier would be able to "buy back" the government's participation if desired, stopping the sharing of the profits to come, as Pratt & Whitney recently done reimbursing it's loan to the government where it was associated with a profit sharing clause! Why is this good for Quebec? Everyone gets what it wants... I don't have to explain to you what it means to keep this company in Quebec and "Up and Running" (oops, "Flying and Rolling")… (Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Bombardier Business Aircraft, and Bombardier Transport… 3 companies within one, do you really understand them, made the difference?).

I'm assuming a deal with the Canadian government to have such a similar clause/mechanic, cash in exchange of a callable equity ownership into the CSeries, allowing further investment in Canada by Bombardier.

At the end of the day, as always, investments (not given money as I head) made by the governments into Bombardier have always been paid back. Also, it means that the new management at Bombardier is really taking care of business! More to come I'm sure… Transformation and Adaptation is Key to Survival!

(As I wrote already "... here's where "reality" comes in--, and as I learned from Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. "Adaptation", you see, is the key to any measure of success in the quest for survival. If you want to succeed, indeed, if you just don't want to be eliminated, nor declared dead, with your race, or company, extinct. (In case you don't have a clue on what I'm talking about here, no problem, you know I'm here to help as always. Simply go ahead and order this book "Who Moves My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, it should be fun ;-)."
More here:

To all the employees at Bombardier, I'm very proud of what you're building at Bombardier around the Wold! Be proud of your work! We should ALL be, as Canadian, aviation enthusiasm around the world, suppliers, customers, and shareholders... (if you live in Quebec, or have some money in some funds, pension funds… Remember, The Caisse and the Quebec government, they are "You!" if you live in Quebec).

Sylvain Faust

June 16 UPDATE: First Flight On June 16 - First CSeries to Enter Commercial Service On July 15 with Swiss Air is Making its First Flight June 16, 2016

19:15 - June 13, 2016 - Quebec, Canada
Last Updated: 16:40 June 14, 2016

UPDATED: (I was a few hours too early) The first production CSeries entering commercial service on July 15 with Swiss Air will make its maiden flight on June 16, 2016 in the morning at Montreal-Mirabel Airport YMX. Bombardier wanted to tripple check everything, pilotes as well, you know Bombardier people do an excellent job and do deliver, as you know, CSeries is better then it was planned: longer range, less fuel, less noise, lighter...

Excellence in quality control is key in aviation and Bombardier is "above" that, especially when delivering the FIRST EVER CSeries going into service to a customer, Swiss Airways in this case. So, all that having been said, everything is "Oh Kay" as experts yelled to each others when redoing again the final inspection. JUNE 16, 2016, another date to remember.

(Today June 15, 2016, Bombardier received the EASA certification for the CSeries CS100. Now with Transport Canada and EASA certifications, only the FAA certification from the USA is missing, and expected anyday now!)

The CS100 serial 50010 is the first CSeries that will be delivered to a customer, delivery flight is scheduled for later this month, on June 30.

Each CSeries coming out of the production will normally be tested over 4 to 5 flights for a total of up to 20 flying hours before its delivery flight to its customer.

CS100 50011, the 2nd CSeries to be delivered, still with Swiss Air, should be delivered around July 18. The production speed will increase and Bombardier expects to deliver 15 CSeries over the next 6 months (total for 2016).

First CSeries CS300 customer will be airBaltic this fall and the 3rd customer to enter service with a CSeries is Korean Airlines.

Also interesting, Quebec Prime Minister Philippe Couillard will be attending the Farnborough Airshow July 11. Should we be expecting Interesting news about the CSeries during the Airshow? This is a few days before the official first commercial entry into service of the CSeries with Swiss Air, flying Zurich-Paris on July 15.

On July 6 Swiss Air will be hosting a Media Day in Zurich where their new "first" CSeries (50010) will be flying with members of the media and other activities. Can't wait to be there!

Sylvain Faust

EASA Update, CS300 and more - CSeries

9:25 - May 20, 2016 Quebec, Canada

From Control Tower

Sunday is EASA last confirmation flight day for CS100 at Mirabel. EASA to use FTV3 today at Mirabel.

Are we going to have the EASA CSeries CS100 Certification news on Monday? Remember that Wednesday its engine was certified by the EASA…

More ETOPS with FTV2 progressing!

The first CS100 (50010) for Swiss Air is getting out of paint shop for its early June delivery. Second Swiss CS100 (50011) is right behind it.

CSeries CS300 Transport Canada Certification should be in "almost" exactly 1 month (in fact, a bit less).

The Absent Are Always Wrong!

13: 30 May 2, 2016 - Quebec, Canada
Updated 10:25 May 11, 2016

The Absent Are Always Wrong!

But where is Bombardier when it's time to come forward publically to answer what's being said in the media about the company? Where is Bombardier when it's time to educate the people about what the company represents, its values, impacts, what it does and accomplish for its community, where is Bombardier when it comes to "actively" promote its entrepreneurial values to all, to our population, to our children? Who at Bombardier Inc. is responsible to go to "the front" in the media and face what is said, reported and insinuated about Bombardier Inc?

Who and when will someone constantly come out and explain proudly to the mass all the technologies that are created at Bombardier Inc. and used around the world? Why being so timid? Is this hiding something? (You see, I'm starting it, since Bombardier is not there taking the lead and defending anything, that's what people do…) "Nature abhors a vacuum" said Aristotle… If there is a gap, something will fill it, i.e. if you don't take care of things, someone else will, and let me tell you, you might not like the end result! I could rest my case right here… but not!

There was a time, not so far go, where corporations preferred to stay out of the public's face, the motto was, the less we speak the less they will talk about us, focusing on taking care of our business. But today this is no longer the way it works… Maybe, to Bombardier, it's because the general population are not customers of their products, so, the less value to they (we) represent? Oh, what a huge mistake this thinking would be. How many are against the government to invest (if that's the word used, what about bailout?) in Bombardier Inc? How many has the appropriate knowledge, the facts regarding past government financing of the company… ? What's the reputation of Bombardier Inc. (vacuum?)

Nowadays, with the internet, in a time where "everyone" has access to so much information, valid or not, often before it's made "officially" public, where 24h a day the social media, a spearhead for the other media channels, can either built or destroy your image and or your message in a few hours, where crisis is constant… But, why Bombardier Inc. being so absent still? Bad understanding? Incorrect perception of today's reality? An old obsolete mentality?

Where's the strategy behind this? What are the objectives by being "missing"? The absent are always wrong!

What would be my strategy base on? Education! So much needs to be done regarding what the people really do know about the company, what it does, builds, creates, where, when, technologies, jobs, innovations, workers, values and so much more… Acquiring knowledge is key to understanding…

Where's the spokesperson at Bombardier Inc. If there's one? I really thing his/her mandate needs a drastic adjustment!

Just saying…

Sylvain Faust

Delta Orders CSeries? Read Below...

14:55 - April 27, 2016 - Quebec, Canada

Bombardier - Delta Airlines Update

Today, during a Delta Airlines board meeting, a large order of the new CSeries would have been accepted and made official.

This would make Delta Airlines the largest customer of Bombardier CSeries. Maybe included in the deal is the involvement of Delta TechOps allowing any CSeries to seek easy maintenance at Delta service centers (TechOps) in the future in case of an emergency repair at an airport where TechOps are located.

This order take could be made by Delta Airlines should be made public by the end of the day today, after 16:30, or tomorrow at the time Bombardier releases its latest quarterly financials.

Look for a Press Release soon confirming this, until then, stay tuned!

Sylvain Faust

Bombardier Aeropace Cancelling Announced Layoff - Training AVEOS Former Employees - Increasing Production?

Quebec, Canada - March 22, 2016 - 13:40

According to a Bombardier source, layoff letters have been cancelled with many professional units, such as electrical, assembler and interior completion… Also, former Air Canada/Aveos employees who were doing aircraft interior work will be trained for becoming assemblers.

Something not seen in over 15 years at Bombardier, according to this source. The source added, "If Bombardier wants to keep their experienced employees I sincerely believe that something positive is coming"

Sylvain Faust

Here's What I Have to Say About This News : China May Return with a New Higher Offer for Bombardier Transport - Last Offer was $7-8B - Globe and Mail

Quebec, February 28, 2016

Let me write this to you quickly…

Some Canadians do not understand the real value of Bombardier Inc. I mean "Real"… It is not what you see on the stock exchange (i.e. about 2 billion shares @ about $1) showing a market capitalization close to only $2 billion (more on this in a minute). But there is also a very deep economic impact value to this country if we were to be without it, if Bombardier Inc. was acquired by a foreign entity.

But why only $2B market value on the Toronto Stock Exchange for Bombardier Inc.? One of the reasons is that the Toronto financial sector on Bay Street is in some way "pissed" over the Bombardier-Beaudoin Family's total control over the majority of the vote, controlling what happens with Bombardier Inc., why?

So far, "the family" always said they will never sell the company (giving control to the open market, i.e. the entire planet). We are very lucky! Why? Toronto Bay Street and the financial capital market sector world would love for the family not to have control because that would open the door to a takeover of Bombardier Inc., and this, would serve create huge gains selling the company shares at a very higher stock price, cashing in lots of gains. But at what economic cost to us, Canadians? There is a huge "Discount" pressure on the share price knowing that nobody can come up and buy Bombardier Inc. outright. You know who could be fighting mad about the control of the "Family" over Bombardier Inc. and why. Good for us?

Foreign ownership of Bombardier Inc. would open the door to a complete and total move out of the country of all its operations and assets, not just all the jobs at Bombardier Inc. but also all the jobs related to the sectors where it operates. Losing the "engine" to innovation, the driving forces that currently generate high-tech knowledge to be acquired, generating start-up from ex Bombardier employees and suppliers, specialized higher education offered by our universities and aeronautical mechanical schools, higher salary and income taxes collected by us (the government is us), a deep basket of funds for investing in other ventures offering ways to help secure the future of this country, trying to keep Canada at the technical edge in front of other fast and growing nations spending so much in their education systems, engineering, automation, pushing for values like "excellence" (oops, another subject… our education system!)

How does this work? As you might know, few months ago China offered $7 to 8 billion Bombardier Inc. just for its Transport division, Bombardier Transport (a division of Bombardier Inc. representing about 50% of its business and value, oh, 2+2=… wow, far from the stock market total value of just $2 billion…). The Chinese might come back and offer more; this was only their first offer…

Some "commentators"… are suggesting that Bombardier does not need the "temporary investment" in the new high-tech CSeries, that Bombardier Inc. (obviously the Family controlling the vote) should accept that such offers like the one from China, and let go everything to do with its Transport division (a very successful one, making top High Tech High Speed Trains around the world, rechargeable on the go electric public busses, subways, etc. (see Transport division section if you really want to know, and no, North America countries are not buyers of what Bombardier Transport makes best… Sad).

Back to that suggestion to sell Bombardier Transport to China. Suggesting that Bombardier Inc. to use that $7-8 billion dollars for CSeries, also it could reimburse 100% of Bombardier Aerospace loans (the only group of divisions left after selling Bombardier Transport to China) and to end up with a Bombardier Aerospace totally debt free, i.e. mainly Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and Bombardier Business Aircraft. Is this an interesting option?

Interesting? Fascinating! like Spock might say. That is one way of looking at it. Are we ready for the consequences of this? Anyone? Tell me why. Again, if you don't know exactly what Bombardier Inc. Built and Sell around the world, I suggest you spent some time on their web site at

Ah, someone asked "What is Bombardier Aerospace? What are its divisions?" Let's start with "Bombardier Commercial Aircraft" and "Bombardier Business Aircraft". If you don't really know what the difference between the two is, think of it like this, one division (Business) sells high speed quality cars to individuals and leasing companies (nice fancy private jets), and the other one (Commercial) sells flying buses to transport companies (Airlines, so they can carry you).

In the "Business Aircraft" division, Bombardier has 3 product lines addressing the complete Business aircraft market, small, medium and large/luxury business aircrafts. The product lines are, Learjet (small, assembled in Wichita), Challenger (medium, assembled in Montreal Dorval) and the Global (large/luxury, assembled in Toronto with its interior completed in Montreal Dorval). The latest, the new Global 7000 and 8000, will be doing its first test flight in the coming weeks. Only 2 test aircrafts are built for its certification since this model is an evolution base on the existing Global 5000 and 6000. It will have an amazing range of over 14500km, flying at 51000' and at almost the speed of sound. Yes, you can say WOW.

In the "Commercial Aircraft" division, the "buses" are, QSeries (currently Q400) built in Toronto, CRJSeries (mainly CRJ-900 and CRJ-1000) built in Mirabel and the CSeries built in Mirabel (CS100 and CS300. Should we expect a CS500 soon since all the development and certification expenses of the CSeries base model is done with the CS100?).

Bombardier Aerospace also as a Specialized Aircraft division. This is where "highly customized" versions of Bombardier aircrafts are sold to customer to achieve specific missions and utilization (military and government end-users). This division generates engineering (customization/modification) work/jobs for Bombardier. Bombardier also has a core component, Bombardier Aerostructures & Engineering Services that does just that. They are the ones who designed and created the new carbon fiber wing as an example (the famous CSeries light wing that Bombardier could still not break, in case you did not know, this is highly unusual in the industry!). This group provides the engineering to Bombardier Aerospace divisions internally, but also offers services to other companies. If you do not know, Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing do business together all the time, and at different levels. For example, the new Boeing P8 Poseidon aircraft, the latest in technology military aircraft for anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, electronic signals intelligence and more, Boeing is using the Bombardier Challenger 650 for its smaller offering (Boeing calls it the Mini-P8). Aerolia, now called Stelia Aerospace, own by Airbus, makes the center fuselage of the new Bombardier Global 7000/8000. Stelia makes it from their new Mirabel facility (yes, we're not the only ones creating jobs away from its home country, closer to the customer spending large amount of money to acquire our products), please read this:

You think Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing hate each other's? That they never talk business, really?

Do understand that this is not your fault of "not knowing" all this (and there is more!), but I'm always surprised that the ones "talking" very often do not know much… You need to watch each other's agenda… There's always a reason to try to convince you of something! Like Plato said "There are three classes of men; lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of gain." And what about me? I'm just a very proud Canadian, born in Quebec, German and French immigrant ancestors many generations ago, proud of people like Joseph Armand Bombardier, among others, a visionary, adventurous, determined, a ball of fire, the "spark plug" of this enterprise founded in Valcourt Quebec. He created his first motorized snowmobile at the age of 15, in 1922, wow, and a long successful way since then! Proud of what Bombardier Inc. has become over the years and its impact in our country and abroad. I'm proud of all the work done by our ancestors and predecessors, grand grandparents, grandparents, parents, for the real hard work they accomplished, creating the Canada of today. Don't erase your pass and traditions, it would be an insult to them and their legacy, you! A people who forget his pass is doomed to repeat it, especially that bad parts of it!!!

More about the "Family"? Today, BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) still has its corporate headquarters in Valcourt, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am Roadster manufacturing, the Design & Innovation Centre and the BRP Product Development centre, thanks to the "Family" for maintaining operations and many jobs in Valcourt after all these years… Everything could have left the country since, but not, thanks to the wishes or J.A. Bombardier and his heirs (what we call the Beaudoin/Bombardier family).

I'll stop here because the rest is just political, trade negotiations, others pretending they care more about the people of Canada, and/or Quebec, that they can make better deals then others elected…, etc.

As you might understand, many are trying to get "something" in return for the government of Canada temporarily helping Bombardier. The western part of Canada needs help with its failing petroleum sector, pipeline approval in Quebec, etc. Like we say in Québec "y faut c'qui faut…"

You are welcome to show what you know and think on FliegerFaust Facebook page, it is open to everyone. I've added comments as well.

Hope this was informative to some of you.

Sylvain Faust

United vs CSeries: Explanation from an Airline Pilot
Here's a letter I received from a pilot of a well known airline about the CSeries and its pending United orders. Permission granted, here is what she/he had to say:

Hello Sylvain:
I am writing with regards to your Bombardier C Series program updates. I'm a 767 pilot with ... I hold shares in Bombardier and have been following the C Series program closely as not only a shareholder but as a proud Canadian. I truly believe this aircraft is what will catapult the Canadian Aerospace industry and make up lost ground from the cancellation of the Avro Jetliner and Avro Arrow programs. The product itself has the technology and scalability to break up the Boeing and Airbus duopoly on larger jet aircraft.

Your program updates are a fantastic read. Your enthusiasm for this aircraft shines through. As you know the recent United order for 40 737-700 aircraft was perceived as a blow to the C-Series program. This was largely misreported in the media and in fact United themselves stated that they continue to evaluate the C Series and E2 aircraft.

Perhaps you know this however what is very important to a United C Series order is the scope language contained in the recently ratified United pilot collective agreement. Under the new agreement, if United wanted to increase their 76 seat aircraft fleet at the regionals from the current restriction they must add NSNB (new small narrowbody aircraft) on a 1:1.25 ratio to the mainline fleet. The contract goes on further to define NSNB aircraft as the Bombardier C Series or EMJ 190/195.

We are witnessing the slow death of 50 seat aircraft in the United States. United would most likely want to take advantage of the recently agreed upon scope relief at some point in the near future and in order to do so they must order the C Series or EMJ 190/195. How this very important condition was missed by industry journalists and professional industry analysts baffles me as the information is publicly available. The 737 order was independent of any C Series order.

There are two scenarios where the C Series does not have a future at United. The first being if United was to order Embraer 190/195 aircraft or if United decides they do not want to take advantage of the permitted increase in 76 seat aircraft at the regionals. Given this scope relief was one of the major items to come out of the latest agreement, I cannot foresee why United would choose to negotiate scope relief into a contract unless they planned to take advantage of it.

The scope language in the United agreement, as mentioned, has always been a part of the original United/Continental JCBA and the United Pilots maintained the same language in the recent extension ratification. In other words there is no new language in the recent extension pertaining to scope (except a slight modification to the NSNB definition which states the E190/E195 also includes the E2). It is my understanding that United wanted to modify the scope language in this recent extension however the pilots did not want to have this changed and therefore United must order NSNB aircraft in order to gain relief from current 76 seat "scope choke".
Good news for the C Series.

Please continue to keep the updates coming. I hope we see some large aircraft orders soon
** end of letter
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