9:50am - February 29, 2017 Quebec Canada

This would provide great operational savings, less fuel for same range. Offering increased Payload or Additional Range, Noise and more... Very Interesting!

The current engine used with the CRJ is the GE34 (version GE34-8C5 for the CRJs), an evolution from the engine used originally with the A10 Tank Killer (warthog) famous military aircraft... (I love that aircraft!)

Here are the specs of the CRJ version: http://www.geaviation.com/engines/docs/commercial/...

As you see it has a lower weight at 2450 lbs for a higher thrust to weight ratio (6.1) but the efficiency of the PW815 performance is very advantageous when compared with the GE34. Also, the PW815 is lighter compared to the Passport engine (oh) and more thrust compared with the Silvercrest...

Bombardier would have to work on a stronger engine attachment structure (additional engine weight), change of center of gravity corrected with a change of position of some equipment, change to the wing maybe...

Advantage to the CRJ?

- Additional Payload requiring less fuel weight loaded for the same distance, or,
- Additional Range (engine is using the same core as with the PW1500 in the CSeries)
- Less maintenance cycle/cost
- Passenger much better experience, noise, vibration!
- Noise sensitive airport
- Great Passenger experience, low noise, vibration...

Let's see what Bombardier will do to keep the CRJ in the market for another 10 years+ A totally new aircraft? (no, after the CSeries, give Bombardier and its shareholders a break for a few years!!)

The switch to the PW800 family would offer great savings compared to the existing CRJ with the GE34 engine. At what price to Bombardier?

Sylvain Faust