RAFALE: Could Canada drop the F35 and purchase this perfect aircraft 100% assembled in Canada instead as offered by Dassault?

I'm told that there're some new lobbyist in Ottawa for Dassault and military new staff at the France embassy in Ottawa...

Viking Series 400 Twin Otter Receives Float Certification in China

Another fundamental advancement in the emerging Chinese seaplane market

Victoria, BC, September 20th, 2017: Viking Air Limited of Victoria, BC, Canada is pleased to announce that the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has approved the operation of Viking Series 400 Twin Otters equipped with Wipline® 13000 straight and amphibious floats in China.

(A Legendary Yet Stubborn Aircraft - Twin Otter Series 400 by Sylvain Faust)

Certification of the Series 400 Twin Otter on floats is a major milestone in developing the burgeoning seaplane market in China as it provides a proven twin-engine solution capable of profitable 19-passenger commercial operation. Prior to certification of the Series 400, anticipated growth in the Chinese seaplane market has been gradual due to the requirement that commercial operators of single-engine aircraft must limit the number of passengers to 9 and operate with two pilots, making it uneconomical to run a commercial seaplane operation.

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Photo: Bombardier

Bombardier Continues to Expand Worldwide Parts Availability for Business Aircraft Customers

  • Miami parts depot added to vast worldwide network
  • Enhanced support capacity in Asia with new parts depot in Tianjin
  • Increased access to more parts supports two-year warranty and new on-the-spot price-matching policy

Bombardier Business Aircraft confirmed its continued expansion of worldwide parts availability for its growing fleet of Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft. As part of the company's commitment to operators in the United States, Latin America, and Asia, Bombardier Business Aircraft recently opened parts depots in Miami, Florida and Tianjin, China. Combined with its two-year warranty and on-the-spot price-matching offerings, Bombardier Business Aircraft customers can fly with confidence knowing they have greater access to all the parts they need.

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Siemens in tie up talks over rail with Bombardier and Siemens

Reuters Sep. 21, 2017, 08:22 AM

PARIS, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Shares in Alstom climbed 2.4 percent on Thursday after Bloomberg reported Siemens was said to be in talks with the French train maker as well as Bombardier Inc over consolidation of their rail activities, traders said.

Siemens declined to comment and officials at Bombardier Transportation in Berlin were not immediately available to comment. An Alstom spokesman said he had no immediate comment.

more http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/r-a...

Boeing Hypocrisy Attacking Bombardier

Booeing must be so scared of the CSeries!

Boeing attacking Bombardier on its introduction pricing on CSeries to Delta when they have been selling their 787 at a lost for years!

Also, remember this when Boeing is attacking Bombardier on government subsidies, see the chart below...

The New Midsize ABCs: A320, B737, CSeries

Simply put, Boeing's argument represents the biggest case of hypocrisy in the history of the aviation business

September 20, 2017 - by Annie Flodin - Airways Magazine

WASHINGTON — People love Bombardier's CSeries – pilots, passengers and industry experts alike. It's efficient, it has low operating costs and it's comfortable. The Canadian manufacturer touts the jet as the only aircraft purpose-built for the 100- to 150-seat market. Also, the CSeries is the first "new" plane to enter the mid-size market in more than 25 years – the 737 entered service in 1967, and the A320 came along roughly 20 years later.

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Iranian Cyber Targeting Aerospace

Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage: APT33 Targets Aerospace and Energy Sectors and has Ties to Destructive Malware

September 20, 2017 | by Jaqueline O'Leary, Josiah Kimble, Kelli Vanderlee, Nalani Fraser | Threat Research

When discussing suspected Middle Eastern hacker groups with destructive capabilities, many automatically think of the suspected Iranian group that previously used SHAMOON – aka Disttrack – to target organizations in the Persian Gulf. However, over the past few years, we have been tracking a separate, less widely known suspected Iranian group with potential destructive capabilities, whom we call APT33. Our analysis reveals that APT33 is a capable group that has carried out cyber espionage operations since at least 2013. We assess APT33 works at the behest of the Iranian government.

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Bombardier Aerospace

Boeing’s 737 Delivery History - Airinsight

Which means this segment of under 150 seats is wide open to newcomers. Like the C Series and E2. Airbus and Boeing have left this market!

September 20, 2017

Boeing's 737 is the focus of some attention this month, given the dust-up at the DOC. This amazing aircraft was first delivered in 1967 (December 28, 1967, or 18,164 days ago today) and is the most delivered commercial aircraft. Through year-end 2016, Boeing had delivered 9,188. No doubt this aircraft is critical for the company; through August Boeing delivered 324 737s out of 476 total deliveries. In 2016 the 737 accounted for 65.5% of deliveries and in 2017 the 737 is at 68%. Is this a franchise worth defending? Absolutely!

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Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier GLOBAL 6000 aircraft are already among the US Air Force inventory as the E-11A (above), part the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node programme. (Source: Bombardier Business Aircraft)


Published: 20 September 2017

MONS Correspondent Marty Kauchak files this end-of-the-day report from the Air Force Association-sponsored Air, Space and Cyber Conference at National Harbor, Maryland.

Bombardier has over 1,000 specialised aircraft in service around the world and civil aircraft in more than 70 countries. It is of no surprise that Nicolas Poirier-Quesnel, Manager for Communications & Public Affairs at Bombardier Business Aircraft, noted his company is at this year's AFA, "to proudly showcase various aircraft platforms that are ideally suited to elite military and government agencies operations. The capabilities of our Specialized Aircraft include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, maritime patrol and surveillance, search and rescue, firefighting, medical evacuation and executive transport."

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Bombardier Aerospace

A Week to Go Before a Preliminary Ruling in Boeing v. Bombardier - AirInsight

By Ernest S. Arvai

The first major milestone in the trade complaint that Boeing filed against Bombardier will occur a week from today, when a preliminary determination will be revealed. This will be an interesting test of the new administration and will certainly show whether logic or politics will prevail in international trade negotiations.

Boeing alleged two things in its claim – one, that its 737 aircraft program was threatened by the CSeries from Bombardier, and second, that Bombardier is selling the CSeries below its production cost into the market.

The facts of the matter, as many industry experts have pointed out, do not support Boeing's claims.

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Aerospace Engineering Greatness: Secret Plans for the Avro Arrow, 1955!



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Sylvain Faust's Notes

Global 7000 FTV4 First Flight...

10:20 - Septembre 19, 2017 - Quebec, Canada

The next Global 7000 Flight Test Vehicle, the forth (FTV4) will be doing its first flight in the next few days or around September 25.

You can see it presently outdoor at Downsview airport where Bombardier Global assembly facility is located.

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Bombardier Aerospace

Finally I'm checked out and ready to fly without any Instructor any longer

By flying_cseries Instagram

This week I will fly a little bit around Europe, tomorrow unfortunately I have standby - Hope to get the call from our dispo to fly See you soon onboard

Normand's Run-Up Pad
Photo: (C)YUL Plane Spotter Twitter : @yulplanespotter

CSeries : Bombardier won’t be able to deliver on their promises

2:30am - September 19, 2017 - Quebec, Canada

Bombardier are about to increase both the production rate and the delivery rate of the C Series in the coming weeks.

I have recently discussed the space problem they have in Mirabel, in a series of three articles. The main purpose of this exercise was to give us an idea how many aircraft are presently in the final stages of completion before delivery.

In Mirabel the final assembly line is split in two segments that are located in two separate facilities. Therefore it is important to maintain an equilibrium in the output between the main final assembly line (FAL 1) and the secondary assembly line (FAL 2).

Obviously if production rates were higher at FAL 1 than at FAL 2 it would not take long before the newly assembled aircraft would start piling up. And that's exactly what's happening right now in Mirabel.

My understanding is that the equilibrium will eventually be restored after Bombardier will have raised the delivery rate to a minimum of three aircraft per month later this Fall.

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Bombardier Aerospace

CSeries economy up to 3% better than advertised - Leeham News

Now, with the revised 7 MAX carrying 138 passengers to the CS300's 130, Bombardier suggests the two airplanes no longer may be compared - Why the Complaint???

Sept. 19, 2017, Montreal

The Bombardier CSeries has proved to be 1% to 3% more fuel efficient in service than advertised, the company revealed last week at its Media Day.

The improvements depend on the mission: 1% on shorter routes and 3% on the longer ones.

Better-than-advertised performance had been rumored, and reported, for months but this is the first time Bombardier confirmed the reports.

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