Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon

GPS signals of 20 ships in the Black Sea were hacked to indicate they were 32km inland

By David Hambling

Reports of satellite navigation problems in the Black Sea suggest that Russia may be testing a new system for spoofing GPS, New Scientist has learned. This could be the first hint of a new form of electronic warfare available to everyone from rogue nation states to petty criminals.

On 22 June, the US Maritime Administration filed a seemingly bland incident report. The master of a ship off the Russian port of Novorossiysk had discovered his GPS put him in the wrong spot – more than 32 kilometres inland, at Gelendzhik Airport.

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Sylvain Faust's Notes

What The CSeries Factory Could Become?  Will Become?

With more orders then comes the production and delivery speed at the factory...

12:45 - August 18, 2017- Quebec Canada

Is Bombardier waiting to have the investors comfortable with the return of the company in "the black", making predictable profits and more CSeries orders before unveiling changes at the Mirabel plant helping increase the delivery speed of the new CSeries aircraft?

The current CRJ & CSeries factory at Mirabel airport

For the company (Alain Bellemare and his CFO John Di Bert), a priority is to get its credit rating back in the right direction to gain the respect of the financial analysts and market following the company.

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Bombardier Aerospace

Global 7000 FTV2 test aircraft suffers in-flight engine flameout

C-GBLB - FTV2 - Might have been the "first" engine built... remember the CSeries FTV1 Engine problem?


A Bombardier Global 7000 flight-test aircraft made an emergency landing on 15 August when the right GE Passport engine experienced an in-flight flameout, according to an incident report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

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Bombardier Transportation

Kishon Port rail link inaugurated

New link will help the delivery of Bombardier Transportation Traxx electric locomotives and double-deck push-pull coaches, the first of which are scheduled to arrive from Germany shortly.

ISRAEL: A rail connection to the Kishon area at the eastern end of Haifa Port was inaugurated on August 17, enabling freight trains to run directly to destinations across the Israel Railways network.

The 2km link was built in around a year as part of a programme of co-operation between the port authority and the national railway. This has included the extension of tracks to accommodate container trains.

'It is not a huge infrastructure project, but its contribution will be great', said Haifa Port Co Deputy General Manager, Operations, David Cohen at the inauguration ceremony.

One of the first uses for the new link will be the delivery of Bombardier Transportation Traxx electric locomotives and double-deck push-pull coaches, the first of which are scheduled to arrive from Germany shortly.

Speaking at the inauguration of the link, ISR General Manager Shahar Ayalon said...

Read it all here http://www.railwaygazette.com/news/infrastructure/...

Aviation - General

FAA changes San Francisco landing procedures after Air Canada A320 near miss

Controllers had cleared the pilots to land on runway 28R, but they lined up on the parallel taxiway C

17 AUGUST, 2017 BY: JON HEMMERDINGER - FlightGlobal

The Federal Aviation Administration has modified nighttime landing procedures and control tower staffing requirements at San Francisco International airport following a close call last month involving an Air Canada Airbus A320.

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Sylvain Faust's Notes
CSeries September World Tour Destinations - Clear image in Newsletter

Part 3 - CSeries WORLD Tour!!! - Who are those 17 Airlines?

20:30 - August 17, 2017 - Quebec, Canada

With Part 1 and Part 2, you now know more about the Word Tour Bombardier is planning with its CSeries CS300 MSN 55002 It is featuring the CSeries slick interior with the latest and greatest perks available on this new aircraft totally designed from scratch, the CSeries.

I've learned that 17 airlines are eagerly waiting after Bombardier to come at their headquarters to properly evaluate the plane, let all their technical and operational people have a good feel for it.

This CS300 will be travelling over 25000 nautical miles (46300 km or 29000 miles).

But who are those 17 airlines?

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Sylvain Faust


Unveiling Korean Air’s First CS300 Aircraft

New Colors for the C Series! This first CS300 for Korean Air is set to be delivered this fall. Korean Air will be the first operator of the C Series in Asia. Nouvelles couleurs pour le C Series! La livraison du tout premier avion CS300 de Korean Air est prévue cet automne. Korean Air sera le premier exploitant de l’avion C Series en Asie.
Bombardier Aerospace

CSeries, the long-ranger for thin routes - Leeham News

CS300 will pass the range of the MAX 8.

August 16, 2017

At the end of 2014, we predicted the Boeing 737 MAX 8 would be used by LCCs to open new long-range destinations. And sure enough, the fourth MAX 8 off the line went to Norwegian Air Shuttle, for trans-Atlantic operations.

The Bombardier CSeries launch of operations from London City Airport last week gave us the chance to discuss CSeries long-range characteristics with Rob Dewar, VP CSeries program at Bombardier.

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Bombardier Aerospace

Opinion: Why Aerospace’s Love Affair With Low-Cost Suppliers Is Fading

"While visiting Bombardier's final assembly line for the CRJ and C Series, I was astonished by the low number of personnel, thanks to the C Series' automated riveting technology"

Kevin Michaels | Aviation Week & Space Technology

In the early 2000s, a new metric entered the lexicon of aerospace leaders: employees in low-cost countries. The aerospace supply chain was globalizing and transitioning manufacturing activities to locations with lower land, labor and facility costs was viewed as a means of ensuring competitiveness. OEMs reconfigured their value chains to embrace low-cost countries, and new aerospace clusters were created in locations as far flung as Mexico, Morocco, Poland, China and Malaysia.

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Bombardier Transportation

MITRAC in China: Bombardier's Joint Venture is powering megacities Chengdu and Chongqing

August 17, 2017

- MITRAC propulsion and control equipment to be installed in 678 metro cars for Chengdu and Chongqing metro to power their local growing metro network

- The contract for Chengdu Metro Line 6 propulsion for 600 cars is one of the biggest single propulsion bids for urban mass transit in China

- Bombardier propulsion equipment are used in a total of 23 Chinese cities to power their growing urban mass transit networks

BERLIN, GERMANY--(Aug. 17, 2017) - Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation announced today that its Chinese joint venture Bombardier NUG Propulsion System Co. Ltd. (BNP) has signed two contracts with the Chinese New United Group (NUG) to provide BOMBADIER MITRAC propulsion and control equipment for Chengdu Metro Line 6 and Chongqing Metro Line 4 projects respectively. Together, the two contracts are valued at approximately 531 million CNY ($79 million US, 68 million euro), with Bombardier Transportation's direct share in the contracts valued at approximately 64 million SEK ($8 million US, 7 million euro).

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Lockheed-Bombardier Global 6000 suggested to replace current Boeing 707

Air Force Accelerates New JSTARS Surveillance Plane

Flying thousands of feet in the sky and zooming sensors in on enemy movement below, the Air Force manned Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System has been

By Kris Osborn

Flying thousands of feet in the sky and zooming sensors in on enemy movement below, the Air Force manned Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System has been using advanced technology to gather and share combat-relevant information, circle above military operations and share key Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance data with service command and control.

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Bombardier Aerospace

La flotte Bombardier, nouvelle épine dorsale de SWISS

Pour être plus concurrentielle, la compagnie nationale vient de ranger au placard son dernier «Jumbolino». Elle mise dorénavant sur ses nouveaux Bombardiers C Series. Un choix qui dope déjà ses performances

par Chams Iaz, Zurich

L'Avro RJ100, alias «Jumbolino», a survolé la Suisse pour la dernière fois ce mardi matin. Signe que la compagnie Swiss a définitivement tourné le dos à ce vieux modèle d'avion, dont le dernier vol a eu lieu mardi entre Genève et Zurich. La filiale de Lufthansa, qui opérait jusqu'ici 21 de ces appareils «vintages», mise à présent sur des modèles de dernière génération: le Bombardier C Series.

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Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Taking Metrolinx Back to Court

News just now...

17:45 - August 15, 2017 - Quebec, Canada

20:45 Updated Bombardier applies for judicial review against Metrolinx https://www.reuters.com/article/us-bombardier-metr...

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Monday June 19 - airBaltic Media Briefing (Full Version) - 2017 Paris Airshow

Overview of C Series entry-into-service with Rob Dewar, Vice President, C Series Program and CS300 launch operator airBaltic (Martin Gauss, CEO).

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